Episode 9
Me: 20 years ago, I was 5years old. 15 years ago, I was 10. 10years ago, I was 5. And now, 5 years have passed, but you still make me feel like I am 5 years old. Why am I so childish to you?

Mummy: you are not a kid to me again and I don’t treat you like one. But a real kid would say, “I am older” and would ready to stay by his misdeed.

Me: is that why you reported me to uncle?

Mummy: I want to help you ni oo. I didn’t report you to get scold but to correct your mistake.

Me: is that why he is asking me to stay in school?

Mummy: that is probably not our concussion. But if that way you will be able to live the life you deserve. Then, stay there for a while then, till everything die down. My hears are full already. you can come back home anytime. This is your father house.

Me: ok ma. Thanks so much…

Mummy; you welcome dear***stood up and went inside****

****20minutes later****
A voice was coming in from the entrance:

Female voice: good morning ooo….

Mummy: ***came out and start walking towards the door*** good morning… Who is that please?

Female voice: morning ma! It is me, dorchas ma!

Me:****fear caught me****

Mummy: oh! Dorcas how are you?

Dorchas: fine ma!

Mummy: hope no problems ssha?

Dorchas: not at all? I want to see bro Jerry nni ooo…

Mummy: he is inside… Jerry!!! ***she called out***

Me: ****hope this girl never heard of ibidun case?***** ma! I am coming ma!

As I was going out. Mummy quickly block me and said:

Mummy: when did you become a dog that is chasing the chicken? Are you dating dorchas?

Me: ***trembling*** not at all ma….

****mummy just hissed and passed me by…..****
As I came out to meet dorchas. I was marveled with what i saw. she wore a skimpy gown that reveals her two succulent headlights and her small bumper ass. Even though, she is a small chick compares to the world i would like to be dominating. Yet she always making me drop my guard.

Dorchas:***smiling briefly*** morning sir.

Me:***can’t help it, but return her smile with a devil thinking on my mind*** oh! What a beautiful girl I see in this early morning. Good morning!!!

Dorcha: ***still smiling*** let my sister catch you!

Me:***’shocking’…is she know I have been dating her sister?***” oh my!!! Sorry for that.

Dorchas:****shrug*** why saying sorry? Khe sa na…

Me: eeey? What do you mean? Which language is that?

Dochas: (Korea)… I mean “it is okay”. Because I knew from the beginning…

Me: ****nervous***’ eeeeey? What?

Dorchas: ***laughing**** that you are dating my sister. “She continues”: you used me before. You asked to tell her that you like her and I did so. I always told her about you all the time, even when you were away. so, why don’t you want me to know that you have been dating?

Me:****clear my throat*** can we get back to the main topic; ‘ why you are here?

Dorchas; I thought you would say sorry…. So, you are like that?

Me: eeeey! That!!! I am sorry… OK! So, why are you here?

Dorchas: I am here because of her….

Me:****surprised*** why?

Dorchas:***smile**=== weeeeeee!!!

***she cut the statement when she sees Mummy coming out of the House****

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