(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 42
Linda smiled and glanced at Vivian when the call came in. “You called her name and now she’s calling” she said then Vivian smiled too. But as she wanted to pick the call the phone went off. “Ooh!” she exclaimed.
“What happened?” Vivian asked and dried her tears again.
“My batter is off”
“Use my battery, i think we are using the same phone” she brought out her phone immediately.
“Let’s do that inside” Linda held her by the hand and they went into her apartment. The apartment was a complete resemblance of women’s apartment. One can see a table full of books and make-up materials. At the corner were different types food stuffs, provisions and a bag of garri. Above were clothes of different colours. Vivian sat closely beside Linda in the bed after giving her her battery then she flashed Tochi who called back immediately.
“Hello, German girl” Linda said on the phone.
“Iron Lady!” Tochi exclaimed.
“You can call me that again” they laughed while Vivian smiled.
“So, tell me, have you been hearing from your prince charming?” Tochi asked.
“Kingsley of course”
“Um.. Tochi, Vivian wants to speak with you” Linda changed the topic.
“How come?”
“Have you forgotten that i told you we school together?”
“Please, talk to her”
Tochi waited for a moment before she agreed to talk to her. When Vivian handled the phone, she didn’t know where to start so she said with a low voice, “I’m really sorry”
“Vivian?” Tochi called.
“Please, forgive me”
“This is the exact word you told me before planning to kill me”
“I’m really sorry, I’ve changed now. Please, forgive me. I beg of you. I need your friendship back”
Tochi waited for a moment and said, “What should i say? I will always forgive you”
“Thank you so much”
“You are always welcomed. Have my number on your cell phone and give me a call anytime, okay?”
“Okay” Vivian handed the phone back to Linda happily and feeling relieved.
“Hello, Tochi” Linda called.
“You haven’t told me anything about Kingsley. Is everything alright?” Tochi asked then Linda remained quiet feeling her heartbeat.
“Tochi, I’m sorry, i have disappointed you and Kingsley” she replied.
“What do you mean?”
“I’m cheating on him”
Hearing that, Vivian stared at her.
“What?! But why?!” Tochi asked. “Why couldn’t you wait for him?” she added.
“I can’t deal with distance relationship, Tochi” tears circled her eyes. “I tried but i couldn’t. Though, i love him but.. i just.. i just can’t. Not everybody is good on a distance relationship, I’m so sorry” the tears finally dropped, then Tochi remained speechless. “Once again, I’m sorry, bye” she concluded and cut the call then Vivian brought her head closer to her chest.
In the sittingroom of Mr Silva, Chester and Esther stood before his parents. There were looking like young couples in their presence. Chester wore a suit while Esther wore a red shiny gown which had the same colour with her wetlips.
“Dad, Mum” Chester began. “This is Esther Godwin, the one my heart has always longs for. She’s the woman that has taken my heart. Before you my parents, i will like to ask her again” he paused and knelt with only a leg and a ring in his hand. He looked straight into Esther’s eyes in the presence of his parents and said, “Esther Godwin, will you marry me?”
Esther saw the unexpected, so she glanced at Mrs Silva who nodded her head with smiles on her face likewise the husband. Then Esther looked at Chester.
“Yes, i will marry you” she replied and Chester fist the ring in her finger and embraced her while his parents looked at each other and smiled.
There were two marriages that were holding that month- Chester and Esther and Calista and James.
Tochi, Kingsley, Linda and Vivian were also through with their final year. So all came back home to prepare for their youth service. Meanwhile, Wisdom was already through with his service waiting for an employment. He laid in his room with his face up. One could see beards on his jaw which added to his handsomeness. He wore a short and a singlet. Suddenly, his phone rang-Tochi was calling with a Nigerian number.
“Good evening, Wisdom” she greeted on the phone.
“I know you are back”
“Yes, I’m back”
“Oh my God! I can’t wait to see you!” he shouted and began to dressed up. As he opened his door, he saw Tochi standing before him smiling. She wore a short skirt and a show-back looking taller, more matured and beautiful. She quickly jumped on Wisdom and hugged him tightly to the extent that they landed in the bed, in a way Tochi was on top.
“You will injure me oh!” Wisdom shouted smiling.
“Yes, i must injure” she replied.
“But why?”
“Because i miss you so much!” they laughed and began to kiss.
“Wait oh, where are your parents?” Tochi asked.
“They are out”
“Good, before they come back i must have killed you already for making me to miss you so much” Tochi concluded and they laughed again kissing passionately..

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