Tony laughed ‘oh Ximena, its all in the
past. That era has passed and besides
that, there’s someone else’
‘someone else?’
‘oh. I didnt know that’
‘its okay. So, tell me about you? What do
you do now?’
‘i’m a fashion designer now’ her voice
sounded weak and tired.
‘you seem tired’
‘yes, i am tired’
‘so where do you reside? I mean where
will you stay?’
‘in an hotel of course, where else? I
dont know anyone else in Nigeria but
‘oh. How about you stay here? I mean,
there’s no one in the house. I will soon
be leaving for the hospital so, you can
stay here’
Ximena smiled brightly ‘thank you so
much honeypie. You are so considerate.
How on earth would i have thought that
you never loved me simply because you
were busy studying? I was so foolish’
‘i’m just helping you Ximena. No strings
attached okay?’
‘i understand. By the way, what are you
going to do in a hospital? Dont tell me
you became a doctor because i know
you are a business man’
‘oh, i’m not a doctor. My daughter Maria
was admitted so i have to go see her’
‘oh poor girl. What happened? Is she
‘she was shot two days ago’
Ximena’s hands flew to her mouth
‘good gracious! Who on earth would
want to kill a little girl?’
‘i really dont know Ximena. This is the
second attempt on her life. She is such
an innocent girl and i dont know why
anyone would hate her as much as to
kill her’
‘my God, this is the second time? How
old is she?’
‘she’s 17’
‘oh poor little girl, i can imagine the
pains she must be passing through. I
feel sorry for her’
Tony shrugged and stood up ‘let me
show you to your room Ximena, i just
want to take a bath and go back to the
Ximena stood up too ‘i want to go with
you. I want to see her’
Alice raised her head and saw Tony
coming, she smiled. And then she saw a
strange white woman walking with
him. The blonde woman was pretty,
deep blue eyes, as blue as the ocean,
pink lips and she had white skin. Who
was she?
She felt a tinge of jealousy seeing the
two of them together. Could they be
dating? And then she mentally slapped
herself for that thought.
Maybe she was just a business partner
who is concerned about his daughter’s
welfare. She knew Tony dealed alot with
foreigners. But hell, why would a
foreigner be concerned about his
daughter’s welfare? Their relationship
should just be business related.
Or maybe that was Tony’s new prey. He
was going to sleep with her and dump
her the way he dumped her. She
laughed withing herself. She pitied the
woman because she was going to end
up just like her.
‘hi Alice, you are here already’ Tony said
interrupting her thoughts.
‘oh yeah. I…i thought i had see you…see
you here’ Aice stammered.
‘who is she?’ the white woman asked.
‘she is Alice. Alice, meet Ximena, my
friend and ex, Ximena meet Alice
my…..ex as well’
‘nice to meet you’ Ximena said
stretching her hands.
‘its nice to meet you too’ Alice said
taking her hands ‘you must be a
‘oh yes, i’m from Mexico’
‘wow! Anyways, welcome to Nigeria’
Alice said.
‘Alice, have you spoken to the doctor?’
Tony asked.
‘no, i just got here’
Tony reached for her hand and
squeezed it gently ‘thanks for your
support. I really appreciate it alot’
‘anything i do, i do because i love you
and Maria’ Alice said absentmindedly.
‘what??’ Ximena asked ‘what do you
mean by you love him?’
Alice looked at her, then to Tony ‘it was
all a set up by Gilbert, Tony. The baby i’m
carrying, the pregnancy i never truly
aborted is yours. I love you Tony, i’ve
always loved you. I dont have anything
with Gilbert. He was only trying to break
us apart. I swear it to you Tony, i’ve
never cheated on you. The kiss we
shared was a moment of weakness.
I….i’m sorry for everything. But i really
love you’
Ximena frowned at her, then looked at
her ‘who the hell is this b—h???’
‘watch your tongue young lady, i’m not
a b—h. I’m the love of his life, do you
hear me?’ Alice said.
‘hell you are!’ Ximena retorted.
Tony went close to Alice and hugged
her ‘i love you too Alice’
‘what nonsense!’ Ximena fumed and
stormed out of the building.

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