bullets of a gun
tires of

I put off
the car
to know what

side’s door
where I was, I saw two men approaching, they happens to be the area’s vigilantee who was an OPC………………I opened the

door and before I could alter anything, a very hot slap landed on my chin and it seems I have lost my two eyes because I couldn’t see anything else thereafter………they smacked me

down so mercilessly, they dragged me to one side of the street and dropped me on a basement lying unconscious without showing any mercy to me, and instead were accusing me of what I’m not
“You this thief”
“You have been coming to this area not only today…”
“This will be your last visit”

“God has caught you atlast and today is the end of your day”
“Whenever you are chance to come back to this life again you won’t dear choose to come as a thief”

“You think you can dear me????? -emi egbeji ologun oro- omo baba ajewere………”(Chanting)

“Ogun ti ko pe ewe e loku kan” (chanting)
“Oro taba’ba ile so nile ngbo” (grunting chants from different direction that I couldn’t see with my eyes but hearing from afar)

The vig A: odofin! Let finish this man here before his colleague meet us here, so we can have the full time to catch them all as well
The vig B: that’s a good idea…………should we beat him to

death or kill him by gun straight away????

The vig A: I’m even ready to shoot, so don’t let waste time on him before the arrival of other members (cocking the gun)

I was so tired and couldn’t see anything, I was just rolling up and down the pavement I was brought………shouting “please

don’t kill me, I am not a thief” in a very faint voice. That rears for human to hear on standing except they bend down….none

of them heard me out……

The vig A was about to pull out the trigger after he had cocked

his gun while the vig B stopped him……………

The vig A: why this now???? What is it???
The vig B: don’t let kill this man yet, let think of it, if he comes with gangs, we should have seen a trace of atleast one of them, but since we caught him we have never seen one, so let be patient

The vig A: even whether will spear his life now or not he will surely be given to ghost tomorrow when olori (head) come around
The vig B: then let olori do that with his own hand……

The vig A: what if the rest appears in masses nko?

The vig B: gbagbe, emi gudu gudu omo logudu……
ogun ti o je

ewe loku kan
ni mi
mi ofi

iya nbe
mi bi
ba lara

won ni esin kesin o gbodo tun ke lemi lorin mo,,,,moti

ba ajere mu le, won ni era
kera o tun
rin mi

moba arogun ile la mu ile, oni iku kikun kan otun pami
mo,,,,,,,mo bawon sawo ni’le alara alara lawon o ni nimi lara, titi mo fi de’odo awon iya mi osoro mofia, won ni iku kikun kan o tun pami mo…….osho lo ba npe ri mi nibi “ogerere lagbe nke

rodo ogerere” aje lo ba npe ri mi nibi “chorus” ele bo logun loba npe ri mi ni‟ bi “chorus(self praising in mother’s tongue)

The vig A: alright if that’s what you want……..

Immediately I heard there last converse, I was so happy and I

got an instant relief…………I quickly went unconscious and

didn’t know when the morning light illumine the area……..I

woke up and I found myself in a white colored room which

look like an hospital,…….

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