‘who is she?’
‘she’s Ximena Valdez, my secondary
school girlfriend’
‘how come she was your girlfriend? I
thought she was from Mexico’
‘she is from Mexico. Her father was a
contractor and so he lived here with his
wife and two kids, Ximena and Dario.
However, when her father died, they left
the country’
‘wow. You loved her?’
‘she was my life, then. I loved her with
all my heart, and with all my body and
my soul. She was the best thing that has
ever happened to me’
‘so i guess you were shattered when
they went back to Mexico right?’
‘uhm, not really. We were already
broken up before she left the country’
‘what happened?’
‘she cheated on me. I mean, she broke
up with me for another guy’
‘were you guys ever intimate?’
Tony pinched her cheek playfully ‘you
never told me you were going to
interview me on my past ove life’
Alice chuckled ‘tell me. I want to know
everything about you my sweetie’
‘are you scared i might dump you for
‘i would be lying if i said no’
‘well then, you dont need to be scared.
Ximena is my past and you are my
present and my future’
Alice shrugged ‘okay, but just know that
no matter what, i love you and i will
always do’
‘oh! Did i tell you? She’s staying at my
‘what nonsense! Why?’
Ximena sat outside, under a tree in the
hospital, with tears in her eyes. She
didnt know her way back, she would
have gone.
She thought Tony loved her. She
thought that he would never be able to
live without her in his life because he
had loved her so much then.
She had loved him too but stupidity got
the better part of her. Coupled with the
fact that their break up was all
Vanessa destroyed her relationship with
Tony and God help her, she must destoy
Tony’s relationship with Alice. Its
payback time

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