But could she really destroy another
woman’s joy? Alice wasnt Vanessa. That
she lost Tony was because of Vanessa
and not Alice, she knew what she went
through when she found out Vanessa
and Elvis planned everything, to get her
confused and separate she and Tony.
And she didnt want any other woman
to go through that same pain.
No, she wasnt going to do anything. If
ever she wants revenge, she would just
find Vanessa and Elvis, and of course
she must find them, they’ve caused her
alot of pain.
But she was going to remain with Tony
for a while, to see if his new
relationship would last, and she prayed
it wouldnt. She didnt want it to. She
wanted an opportunity.
She was so tempted to do something
nasty, really nasty. Like seducing Tony or
driving a knife into the girl’s heart.
She chuckled quietly, that was absurd.
No matter how bitter she was, she
could never kill her fellow human being.
Oh! How she wished she had
Fernanda’s kind of heart, she was sure
Alice woud have died the instant she
went into Tony’s arms.
She wasnt going to do anything though.
She would just pray. Pray their
relationship does not work and pray for
a second opportunity with Tony. She
stood up, wiped her tears and walked
back into the hospital.
She found Tony and Alice talking, she
didnt know if it was serious or or not
but went to them anyways.
‘hey,’ she called softly ‘i’m so sorry for
the show i put up earlier. I was…’ she
raked a hand on her waist long blonde
air ‘kind of jealous. You know i…..’ she
let out a humourless laugh ‘i have a
thing for Tony,’ she was talking to Alice
now ‘i mean who wouldnt? He’s
handsome, hardworking, intelligent,
selfless but to mention a few. I’m sorry
for acting bitchy earlier. It wasnt me
Alice loved her accent, so sweet and her
blonde air as well, and for the first time
she wished she wasnt from Nigeria. She
admired everything about this lady, her
ocean blue eyes, her hair, her skin
colour, she subconciously looked at her
skin, she hated her chocolate skin. This
woman was pretty, that was why she
didnt trust her with Tony. She was an
epitome of beauty and for the first time,
she thought herself ugly. She was
envious of Ximena Valdez, a mexican.
‘its alright Ximena, can i call you Ximmy?’
Alice asked looking at Tony.
Ximena chuckled ‘geez! I’d love that. You
see when honeypie and i…i mean Tony
and i were dating, he called me Ximmy. I
love that name alot and for a while, i’ve
really missed being called that. So yes,
call Ximmy and i will call you Ally’
Alice laughed ‘oh whatever, call me Ally,
call me Allie, i will answer you’
Ximena stretched her hands forward
with a smile ‘a hug?’
‘sure,’ Alice said standing up. They
You are so proud of yourself Alice, i
dont know if i should try to hurt you or
not, Ximena thought.
Tony watched them with a smile. No
doubt they were going to be great
He looked ahead of them and saw two
police officers, he frowned.
‘good day mr Brown,’ one of the
policemen greeted and Ximena and
Alice disengaged.
‘i’m looking for miss Alice Tarulba’
‘here i am officer’ Alice replied.
‘i am serjeant Matthew,’ he showed her
his card ‘and you are under arrest for
the murder of one Amaka Wilson and
for the attempted murder of Maria

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