‘thats nonsense, what the heck are you
talking about?’ Alice asked.
‘you have every right to remain silent
because whatever you say might be
used against you in the court of law’ the
police said.
‘excuse me officer, but you just cant
come here to arrest my fiancee
‘if you are talking about evidence or
proof, then you will have to follow us to
the station, constable, please handcuff
The constable moved forward with the
handcuff is his hands.
‘no, you cant take me. Tony, you’ve got
to help me. Help me please’ Alice cried.
Gilbert kissed her forehead, then smiled
‘my ever beautiful niece, my sunshine,
the star in my heart, how are you?’
Abby blushed ‘common now uncle, why
are you calling me pet names?’
‘because you are my one and only niece,
my darling. The only family i have now’
‘dont you have plans of getting
Gilbert sighed and threw his hand
around Abby’s shoulders ‘i once had.
But not anymore’
Gilbert sighed and pinched her jaw
playfully ‘reasons best known to me my
darling niece’
Abby shrugged ‘have you eaten? I
cooked jollof rice’
‘yeah, i have eaten. Why wont i eat the
food you suffered to prepare for me?’
‘was it delicious?’
‘uh….well, you are improving. The
catering classes you’ve been taking are
gradually paying off. It would have been
better if we had a woman here who
would teach you better’
‘i will learn’
Gilbert chuckled ‘i’m sure you will.
Darling, i want you to do something for
me. I mean, your friend, eh, Maria’
‘oh! That reminds me. I have to go to
her house. She hasnt been in school for
three days now, and no one called the
school management to inform them of
her reason or reasons for being absent’
‘thats what i wanted to talk to you
about. Maria is currently in the hospital.
She was shot, three days ago’
‘calm down Abby. I heard she was shot
on her way back from school on
‘my God. And she wanted to come visit
me here that day but she didnt come
again. Maybe that was when she was
shot. No! I hope she’s not dead?’
‘no, she’s not. She’s just in coma’
‘coma? Whats a coma?’
‘thats a definition for another day Abby.
Like i said earlier, she needs your help.
She really needs yur help’
‘she needs my help?’
‘yes she does. But not in a way yu are
thinking of. I want to whisper
something to your ears, come closer’
‘but there’s no one else in the house but
you and i’
‘i know. But you know, walls do have
‘okay,’ Abby drew close and Gilbert
whispered something into her ears
‘thats absurd uncle! I didnt see
‘well, you saw something’
‘officer, this cant be true,’ Tony said as
he took a seat in front of the ASP ‘Alice
is innocent. I can feel it’
The ASP shook his head ‘i understand
whatever you may be going through
now. But Alice isnt as innocent as you
‘thats nonsense. If she tried to kill Maria,
then why was she in the hospital to see
The ASP laughed ‘its obvious you dont
understand how criminals operate Mr
Brown. She was only there to monitor
her condition. I’m sure she wouldnt
have hesitated to finish her off if she
was recuperating faster’
‘why on earth would she want to kill
‘you should know the reason for that
mr Brown. However, our source states
that Maria never really liked Alice and
never wanted you to marry her, she was
a stumbling block to the marriage of
both of you. And besides, she broke up
with yu for the period of two weeks
and then suddenly, you guys are back
together, doesnt that ring a bell?’
‘so, what are you insinuating?’
‘she needed time to plan for the
assasination of Maria. And the other
time assasins were sent to your home,
Alice was the one who paid them to do
the job, to have Maria killed’
Tony frowned, trying to fix the puzzle,
before he could speak, the ASP spoke
‘and we have witnesses’
‘witnesses?’ Tony asked amazed.
The ASP pressed the intercom and
asked for the witnesses to be sent to
the office.
The door flew open and Tony gasped in

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