Tony gasped as Gilbert, Abby, Angela, an
unfamiliar woman, and Rhoda?
What…..how was Rhoda here, they all
entered the office.
Tony was sweating profusely. Gawd,
this was tough.
The ASP looked at him enquiringly ‘these
are the witnesses, can you identify any
of them?’
Tony was speechless as he looked at all
of them ‘whats this all about?’ he asked
finally finding his voice ‘Rhoda? Angela?
Abby? How..how are you….i dont
‘we’ve already interviewed them before
but for your sake, we would interview
them again. He took a book from his
table and opened it.
‘Gilbert Martins?’ he called.
Gilbert signified by raising up his hands
‘i’m the one’
‘tell us what you saw’
Gilbert cleared his throat ‘i was at Amy,
my girlfriend’s house last week when
the door bell rang. I was in the
restroom, relieving myself while she
went to answer the door. I heard Alice’s
voice, i’m sure of that. I just went
straight to Amy’s bedroom, i didnt
bother coming out because i and Alice
arent in good terms. And then, the next
thing i heard was a gunshot, i rushed
out in time and saw Alice tuck the gun
into her jean pocket, then she spat on
Amy’s face and then…then,’ Gilbert
stopped as tears trickled down his
cheeks ‘she left. I couldnt confront her
because i thought i was the only one
who saw her, i was afraid she would kill
me if she saw me and….she would
never be caught. I really loved my
girlfriend and vowed to avenge her
death. That was why i reported to the
police. But then, i later found out that
her neighbour here,’ he pointed at the
fat woman besides him ‘also saw Alice’
‘una good afternoon oo. My name na
madam Salome. I be Amy neighbour, her
window face my doormot so that day,
last week monday, my pikin been no
well. So i say make i go buy medicine for
am for one pharmacy wey near us. So,
as i dey comot, na i hear bang! I fear,
my head be like sey e wan fall for
ground, i con say make i peep for
window as the window kukuma near
me. As i go there go peep, ne i see one
woman oo. Hmm, the one dey chocolate,
fine woman and i recognise am as
Amaka friend. Her name na Alice and
she get one small son like that. Infact,
her son and my son na friend. She hold
gun, i fear. I be wan run, na she con dey
comot, na i pick race oo. I no wan die’
the fat and ugly woman explained.
Tony closed his eyes, this cant be
happening, no. His Alice wasnt a killer.
He knew her.
‘my name is Abigail, i am Maria’s best
friend. We shared alot of secrets so
Maria confided in me that she hated her
father’s concubine……’
‘she is my fiancee, not my concubine!’
Tony flared.
‘please, let her speak’ the ASP said.
Abby shrugged and continued ‘and she
said that there was something fishy
about this woman. That this woman
hated her. And there was one day, she
said something. She said, that the
woman, Alice by name, served her a
meal, but she wasnt hungry so she gave
it to a neighbour’s dog, and the next
day, she heard the dog died from food
poisoning. She was suspicious, but hid
her thoughts. Then, another time, she
was standing at the balcony, then she
felt a presence behind her, then she
turned, behold she saw Alice standing
behind her with a knife just inches
apart from her back. She said assuming
she was a second late in turning back,
she would have died’

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