(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 45
Edwin’s room wasn’t furnished enough but looked like masculine room with a big bed and clothes scattered on it. It was the first time Melody found herself there, so she smiled when she saw clothes sling on the bed and on the floor.
“Don’t tell me you are this dirt” she told Edwin as she began to pick them up.
“I’m not dirty. My room is the one dirty” he replied standing at the door.
“One whose room is dirty is also dirty, indirectly. So you are dirty” she persisted smiling.
“Who made that law?”
“It is the law of nature” Melody replied and they laughed.
“Well, the law of nature also state that, anywhere a clean person enters, the place indirectly becomes clean provided the person is a wife or husband material”
“Jeez!” Melody exclaimed. “What do you mean by that!” she asked suspending what she was doing and looking at Edwin who walked gently to her and held her round the waist in a way her breast scratched his chest.
“That means your body is clean and as you have entered this room, indirectly, the room has becomes clean” he began to slide her hair backward as she smiled at his intelligence. “It also means that you are a wife material” he added.
“You will never cease to amaze me with your words” Melody replied then the clothes in her hands fell off as Edwin began to kiss her. “Wait!” she shouted “You want to make me forget what i was doing, abi? You naughty boy” she added and pushed him away romantically then began to pick the clothes once again smiling. “That reminds me, you are not a husband material because your room is dirty” she added and they laughed.
“I’m coming!” Edwin ran out.
“Where are you going to?!” she shouted but he had already gone far…
Pastor’s office had a calendar of the image of our Lord Jesus Christ and on the table was a big Holy bible. He wore a tye on a shirt which he tucked-in on a black trouser. He waited for Jennifer and Calista to say something as they stared at each other.
“Emm.. pastor?” Jennifer called. “What should i do?” she asked.
“Yes, what should we do?” Calista added.
“You shall have a seven days fasting and prayer. That’s the only way you can be free. But your mother needs to be saved too” the pastor replied.
Mrs Thompson immediately rushed inside Linda’s room when she opened the door making her run back to the bed in tears.
Tochi also entered.
“Linda, who impregnated you?!” the mother asked angrily.
“Mummy, I’m sorry!” she cried.
“That’s not what i asked you. I said who impregnated you?!”
“It’s Sam, Mummy”
“Who is he and where is he?”
“Mummy, he’s from Enugu state”
“Chim oh! This girl has killed me!”
“Get ready to marry him oh. And i want to see him!” the mother concluded. Then Tochi begged her to give her a chance to have a private talk with Linda and she reluctantly did. Then Tochi sat beside Linda who was crying seriously.
“I warned you on phone but you wouldn’t listen. Now see where it has landed you”
“Tochi, i’m really sorry”
“As you can see, it won’t solve anything. Do you know how Kingsley sounded on phone? He is so disappointed in you” they became quiet.
“So now, what’s the boy saying?” Tochi broke the silent.
“He has denied it and his number has been switched off ever since” Linda replied.
“God! This is serious!”
Suddenly, the father entered. “Where is this useless daughter of mine?!” he shouted walking angrily into the room with his walkingstick up, ready to hit Linda with it but Tochi prevented him and started begging even with her knees on the ground. While Linda jumped on the bed also begging and crying.
“You are leaving my house tonight!” Mr Thompson concluded and went out..
Jennifer summoned her mother when she came back to the house. She made her sit before her in front of the compound with Calista and the pastor.
“Mummy?” she began. “Who have you offended unlawfully?”
“What are you talking about my daughter?”
“Mummy, do you know what i have passed through right from my secondary school because of your actions? I have been used by men, hurt emotionally and dumped all because of what you do to innocent people!” tears began to circle in her eyes.
“What are you talking about?” the mother was still inquisitive.
“Madam” the pastor began. “Your daughter is cursed by the people who you have unlawfully offended. She will never get married except God releases her from the curse. And you have to also give your life to Christ”
Mrs Mbakwe became speechless looking at her daughter shed tears bitterly. She could feel her pains. She never wanted such life for her but here she was anguishing in pain.
“I never knew what i was doing will hurt you my daughter. Please, forgive me” tears ran down her eyes as she drew Jennifer closer.
“Are you ready to receive Jesus Christ now?” the pastor asked.
“Yes oh” she cried. The Pastor prayed for her and the fasting began…

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