Alice sobbed and rested her head on his
‘Tony, believe me, i didnt kill anybody. I
didnt even try killing Maria, i didnt shoot
anyone, i swear with my life’ she cried.
‘i believe you, i know you can never do
such a thing. Why on earth would you
want to kill your best friend?’ Tony said
wiping her tears.
She raised her head and looked into his
eyes ‘tell me Tony, do you really believe
‘i do’
‘then tell me, who are the witnesses?’
‘i….you wont believe it’
‘tell me’
‘can you handle it?’
‘i swear it’
‘Gilbert, Abby, one fat woman called
Salome, Amy’s neighbour, then Rhoda
and Angela’
Alice stood up ‘you are lying to me’
Tony brought out his phone ‘i recorded
everything they said. You can recognise
their voices right?’
Alice nodded and he played it. Alice
listened to it and almost fainted.
‘this is not true. I’m innocent. They are
all lying, from Gilbert to Rhoda to Angela
and to Salome, this is sheer wickedness,
i am innocent’
Before Tony could say anything, the
policewoman entered the room.
‘sir, you have just a minute left’ the
woman said and left.
*now, lets pretend that Nigeria is a
country where money cannot buy
someone’s freedom. Lets pretend there
is no corruption. You know what i
mean, winks*
Tony held Alice’s handcuffed hands ‘i
will get you out of here, i swear. I will
prove your innocence. Right now, your
only hope is if Maria wakes up and her
memory is still intact. Then, she will say
who shot her’
Alice nodded as more tears poured
down her eyes ‘i will be spending the
night here?’
‘i’m sorry my love but its very possible.
I….i dont know what to do. I’m very
‘its a pity, we just reconciled and then
this catastrophe, i didnt plan it, i swear’
‘i understand,’ he stood up ‘just take
care of yourself and the baby. I love you’
‘i love you more’ Alice said as the
policewoman entered again, and took
her back to the cell.
Tears trickled down his cheeks on
seeing her enter the cell.
‘we need to stick to the original plan,
you know i cant go back to that house,
oga Tony will just kill me and bury me
alive’ Rhoda said.
Gilbert smiled and handed her an
envelope, ‘this is a hundred thousand
naira. It can give you a better life than
the one you are in’
Rhoda took it, and stood up ‘i should go
back and pack my bags before oga Tony
gets there, and i also have to leave now
so i can get to my village early’
‘good luck. Thanks for everything’
Gilbert stood up and shook her her
hand ‘let me drop you off’
‘okay, thank you’ Rhoda said.
‘Abby, prepare something for Angela
and Salome, let me drop Rhoda off, i will
be back very soon’ Gilbert said as he left
with Rhoda.
Abby faced the crying Angela ‘stop
crying. Crying wont solve anything at all.
What has been done has been done’
‘i feel like the devil now. Alice was like
the sister i never had. She loved me. She
cared for me but i couldnt reciprocate
the love, i lied against her because of
money and……’
‘fear of death,’ Abby put in quickly ‘you
know my uncle will kill you if you hadnt
‘but its evil. If you were in her shoes,
how will you feel?’ Angela asked.
‘i will feel awful i know. But it will never
happen to me, i’m sure of that’ Abby
Salome hissed ‘abeg, make your uncle
come, make he give me my money make
i dey comot jor. Weting concern me
concern person wey wan go prison’
‘excuse me, this is not the way to my
oga’s house’ Rhoda said as Gilbert
parked in a bush path.
Gilbert smiled and brought out a gun
from his pigeon hole ‘eyaa, its a pity.
You dont deserve to die but….i cant let
you live. Its too dangerous. If you decide
to open your mouth, i am dead’ he
pushed her air aside ‘you did it for
money, but you just have to die, i’m
sorry’ he snatched the envelope from
her, then shot her thrice on the head,
then opened the door and dragged her
out, then zoomed off quickly.

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