Episode 30…
**********a minute before racheal creamed*********

I remembered how opeyemi and I fu*ked each other that night!!!

I remembered how we sifted from missionary to spoon style!!!

I remember how I raised her leg up to do sliding donkey!!!

I remembered how we did suspended style!!!

I remember how I was jumping her up and down to give her the beating of her life!!!

I remembered when I removed co*d*m, I figured out it boosted and kept it off her reach!!!

***I looked at the kid on the ground. It looks like my grandfather when he was young. Who would ever thought that the little play of that night would produce a materials like this? Opeyemi is a smooth killer. She sent me to jail and as well as keeping my boy away from me. “How human could be so heartless, I imagined” I have to make her pay for it till the end…. What am I even say, how will I collect a kid from someone like her??? How could I have a kid from heartless, but criminal wife?? How will I allow slut, but a very strange woman make a kid for me??? They say three mistakes mean a destiny… “This is so annoy and disgusting. It is not even two mistakes, but a single night mistake took off my life. Everything I have worked for disappeared with the twinkle of my eyes because of five minutes S£x with a devil called opeyemi. She took away my dream and how I wish to live a happy home***
***I ignored opeyemi as she continuing to crying and rolling on the ground***while racheal is making her way towards the door, I looked at and felt pity. I imagined how possible for racheal to put up with a criminal child inside our home. I imagined how hurt she would be if the kid later ends up to be my maternal kid.
*** racheal reached the balcony of the building and try to look down the stair to know who is making his or her way coming up to us. She saw no one. She peeped from balcony and checks the gateman on the ground. She observed the gate is locked from outside which depict that gateman has ending to outside. “Who could have sent gateman an errand; she imagined.” She then made her way down stair and try to look for who could it be. As she was descending the stairs, unknown man emerged from her back and she felt so startle and shock. Her heart nearly fell out from her chest. The man wore a trench coat and look so whacko. He covered his head with USA tub-cap. Before she could turn her face behind and sight the hell out of the man and who could the man be, a squared wood landed on her head. She screamed and went blank immediately***
***the moment I heard the screaming of racheal, I knew someone might have attacked her, because the screaming was informed of excruciating one. I quickly went to kitchen and came out with knife on my hand. Opeyemi also stood up and pick the kid up. She then said;

Opeyemi: ***talking to her kid*** temiloluwa, go to your room now and make sure you lock the door. Don’t come out until I ask you.

Temmy: yes mum…***he ran inside his room and lock the door.***

Me: ***I stood there dey look at the door way, while as well as watching what step opeyemi might also want to employ. But it seems she was also afraid. “Who could be coming to us that make ope looked so fright like this as well, I imagined” yet, I stood my ground***

Ope:***walked to me*** please, jerry don’t do anything stupid.

Me:***frown*** in a low tone: are you mad?? How are you to be acting like a victim???

Ope:***pleading*** please, he is my honey… please, don’t harm him. Please!

Me:***push her away*** you know what??? You will both rot in jail. He is your partner in crime right???

Ope: ***stood up again*** wanted to come over to my side to calm me down!

Me:****warned her*** if you make any more moves, I won’t hesitate to stab you. You bitch!!!

***now, the footsteps are approaching. After seconds, two bodies emerged from the approaching of the footsteps. I saws man wore a trench coat, putting a tub-cap on head to cover his face and dragging racheal along and coming to master sitting room where we are. The moment I saw racheal, I was startle and fright while my blood pressure and heart rate increase simultaneously, but geometry in numerical values. The man put racheal on the ground. I looked at racheal as she lied lifeless on the ground.***

Than Man:***hussy voice*** game well play mr. jerryto… it seems you are a little bit smart and matured after spent little periods in jail.


The man: ****clapping*** for you are able to find me without the help of anyone, I give you applause. But, it is a good and bad idea that you came alone with your little African doll.

Me:***shaking all over the body and the hand I used to hold the knife is shivering*** murmuring: how does he know racheal was normally called my African doll while in school?? ****trying to find my voice but a little bit trailing off*** who arrrrrre yoooouuu???***still shaking all over***

The man: ***giving me sign to keep quite*** the good idea is that you will be the witness of our past here. But the bad idea is that you will not walk out alive here. ***with strong voice*** both, you and your African doll… I will make you suffer just like I suffered.

Opeyemi: ****just staring at us like a drama. But it seems the person is the person she knew very well and very familiar with because of her comport and compose***

Me:****pleading*** please who are you???

The man: ***pointing to himself*** you want to know me???
Me:***shaking my head to depict yes***

The man:***laughing aloud*** you will surely know me today. It is only all of us who are the main characters present here today. So, there is no point you won’t know me… and for your consideration, I am always very close to you. You knew me already!!!

Me:***shaking all over the body and pleading*** please, I beg you!!! Who are you???

The man:**** removing the tub off his face*** this is me!!!!
Me:*****shocked, startled and totally surprised**** whhhhhhaaaattttt????
The man:****throw his hand in the air****

Me: ***screaming*** SNAKIE…….. IT IS YOU????

Snakie:****pointing gun on my head*** if you move, I will blow off your head and waste for NOTHING!!!

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