Guard: which video
Cynthia: don’t worry jare
Hotel manager: no o, abeg o, I can refund your money, maybe you should stay, when they true, you just zoom off
Me: good
Kola: Daniel please don’t shake o, cus I sabi you, lazy boy
Cynthia smiled a little
Me: how do you came up with all this sef
Kola: forget jare, let’s change our shoe, you know kike don see us for work.
We left for the hotel, we covered our faces when we were about to enter there room, I knocked on the door,
Voice: who is there
Me: housekeeping, want to empty your bin
Someone open the door, we entered, kola shot the door
Kola: (change his voice) we are not here to kill or injure you as long as you cooperate
Benita: ohhk sssssssir( she was afraid)
Ben: bring out your phones
They did, we packed the phone and laps, I was about leaving when someone hold my leg from where they laid down, I kicked the hand like a ball, she scream, we went out, lock the room and uncover our face, we did as if nothing happen and left, Mr. ben collected the gun in other to return it to their place, he picked bike cus police might stop us, I was happy cus am free.
The next day at work, kike was not happy, but I was surprised, so kike and Benita were friends, oga o, and I didn’t know, she was sad, I went to her
Me: baby what’s wrong
Kike: I was rub yesterday in my house
Me: (hmm) serious (exclamation)
Kike: they were 3, they collected my phone and lap,
Me: sorry dear, hope they didn’t hurt you sha,
Kike: they did o, my hand is paining me, one of them kick my hand
For mai mind (Ohh, so na you I play like a ball). I took her to nearby pharmacy and they gave her dugs to use for her hand, she thanked me, and we departed
After some weeks, everything was going on well, Ronke has already left for school, I have already employ another person but a male, and the guy is really trying as well.
I was inside when Daniella called me that she want to see me, her mum was not around, I went into her apartment, she was on underwear, revealing her big butt, I sat on the chair, waiting for her to talk, cus she promised to give me money but she is yet to.
Daniella: Daniel, what’s my crime (she was smiling)
Me: you did nothing (I frown my face)
Daniella: I know you are angry cus of the money, but you didn’t ask me again now
Me: so cus you want to give me money, I should turn to slave abi (I stood up to walk out)
Daniella: haha, no o, (she followed me) Daniel please, it was because I saw one light girl in your place, that was why I did that, cos I tot you are dating her
Me: Cynthia? She’s my cousin now,
Daniella: why don’t you tell me?
She kissed me, my thing stand, i grab one of her breast
Daniella: sebi you are angry ni
I no even answer, I started squeezing her boobs, she was moaning, “yes, I’ve missed you so much” all sort, I grab her ass, I was squiring them very hard, I off her bum short, she rest her hand on the chair, and I started banging her from behind, after some minute, I stopped, I released inside her mouth and she drank all my cum, and I left the place.
Am coming to your place now my love, she said as I left

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