///EPISODE 15///
I saw a man sitting beside me………I woke up and I have a

dialogue with the man beside the bed
Me: where am I??????

The man: thank God that you are still alive

Me: what are you talking about?????

The man: we thought you are died before!
Me: died??????? Where are the vigilantes who detained me yesternight?????

The man: I’m one of them

Me: did you shoot me?

The man: lol, if we did, you won’t be talking with me this way,

you would have given up to ghost…..
Me: why did you spear my life?????? And even brought me to hospital?

The man: it was our master that recognized you and pay your bail from death

Me: who is your master?????
The man: he said you have once assisted him when he was financially restrained, he said you gave him a huge of money he never expected from you on that day, and the money was using to save a life of his wife and his daughter………
Me: haaaaaaa who is the man???????
The man: he will soon be here, he went to see the doctor to pay your bill

Me: pay my bill????

The master and the doctor entered the room……

Me: baba agbefo….what brought you here????

Master: my son, I was the leader of the team „OPC‟

Me: haaaaaa were you the one that safe my life????

Master: yes, because its good to be good…..everything you do

in this life, remember it comes around back in the future…………

Me: haaaaaaaa but I did nothing so big to compare to what you have done….you safe me from death…its a big

Master: lol, you too have once safe two lifes from death in the past, which you aren’t aware of

Me: how???? What are you talking about????
Master: you have safe my wife and my daughter at the same time………..like seriously you safe my family in general,

because I only have a child, and the only child was the one you safe

Me: but how possible I safe who I didn’t know????
Master: lol, though you usually give me money whenever you comes around my side then, but you did a very ever one I can never forget in my life
Me: when????
Master: remember the day you came around, while you initiated jokes with me but I didn’t welcome it…
Me: yes, you told me you are not happy and I asked why?

Master: yes you are right, and I told you I need money badly

Me: yes, I asked how much and you said #20,000
Master: yes, you told me on that day that you are not upto the amount, if I can wait till the next day that you will get it for me in the bank but I said it was urgent

Me: yes, and I told you I have only #15000 with me while you collected it from me.

Master: yes, I also have upto #5000 with me then which I added to the one you gave me to where they requested it for the safe of my family’s life….inshot you are our saviour
Me: lol
…..haaaaaaaaaaaaaa, so
money safe

from death this time….

Doctor: let just give praise to
its good to

let learn how to have mercy on poor people who were
into problem, we don’t know where we are going to reap the

gain from again……………. So please let always be good…

Me: thanks baba agbefo, I really appreciate you, may God be with you and your family

Master: amen,

Me: so doctor, when am I going to be discharged?????

Doctor: you were seriously armed, so we think of tomorrow
Me: please don’t think of tomorrow, let it be today, I am fine, I only got slapped and that’s all

Doctor: why?????do you have an appointment????? Because you were beat so bitterly and your body was not that healthy

Me: (appointment???? Is suzzie’s clit service an appointment???? Or amoke’s worries????) Yes doctor, a very important appointment
Doctor: ok may be by evening sha
Master: mr alabi, you need to get alright before you can start on any work or appointment, treat your wounds very well please
Me: ok thank you…….

Master: I have paid all the bills

Me: lol. Why would you?????

Master: just don’t worry, I have done it

Me: ok, I will refund it back later

Master: we will be leaving now, what about your wife???

Me: I will call her now, thanks to you sir…….
They rose from their seat moving toward the door of the room and walked out……….. I called back the attention of the doctor…………
Me: please doctor, I want to ask for a favour

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