Episode 30.
‘get out of my room Ximena’ Tony thundered.
‘but honeypie……’
‘if you dont leave here this moment, i’m going to beat you up and this isnt Mexico’ Tony said as he opened the door ‘get out now Ximena!’
‘good day attorney,’ Tony said as he sat opposite the aged man.
‘good day mister Brown, its nice to meet you’ they shook hands.
‘i heard about the case with your fiancee, that she murdered someone?’ mr Sokari asked.
‘believe me, she is innocent’ Tony said.
Tony was just about stepping into the police station with his attorney when his phone rang.
‘excuse me please’ he said and stepped aside.
‘hello doctor,’ he said.
‘mr Brown, i have good news for you. Maria just woke up from coma’
Tony almost fainted from excitement.
He rushed to his attorney ‘Attorney, the doctor just called me, my daughter just woke up from coma’
‘oh thats good news! Thats a step in proving the innocence of your fiancee’ the attorney said.
Maria froze on seeing Gilbert, memories of the last event flowed freely into her head and she was frightened.
‘please, please dont kill me, i plead’ she pleaded weakly, her head was banging seriously, like she might just die.
‘shhhh’ Gilbert said placing his forefinger on his lips ‘i’ve not come to kill you. I’ve come here to strike a deal with you’
‘please, pleasee please go away. I dont want to have anything to do with you’
‘unfortunately my dear Maria, our deal isnt over. Infact, it only just begun. I want you to do something for me. For us’
‘for us?’
‘let me brief you on what has been happening since you went into coma’ Gilbert said ‘Alice is locked up in the prison. She is being accused for shooting you’
‘but thats not true, you were the one who shot me’
He sighed ‘lets look at this in a brighter way. You hate Alice, you dont want your dad to end up with her, this is the best way to get rid of her’
‘but they already broke up’
‘bad news, they got back together’
Maria licked her lips ‘your presence is doing me more harm than good’
‘she is already in prison. But, all she needs to be sent to jail for the rest of her life is you saying she was the one who shot you’
‘no! I cant do that’
‘then your dad marries her’
‘i cant let that happen either’
He laughed ‘then, this is our one and only chance to get rid of her’
‘i…isnt there other ways to go about this?’
‘kill her?’
‘no, that is evil’
‘then lets do it this way. Are we clear’
‘but you wanted to kill me’
‘not for you but for Alice. I shot you in a place where i knew you were going to survive it. So we could het rid of her once and for all my darling’
‘are you sure?’
‘i’ve never been so sure all my life my sweetie,’ he kissed her forehead ‘when the police comes, here is what you are going to say’
He told her what to say to corrolate Angela’s story.
‘do you understand?’ Gilbert asked.
Maria smiled ‘very well then. Uncle Gilbert, thank you for handling things in a matured way, what would i have done without you?’
Gilbert grinned ‘are you actually thanking me for shooting you?’
‘you know, it solved alot of things’
Gilbert smiled.
‘my darling, thank goodness you are awake’ Tony said for the umpteenth time ‘i missed you’
‘me too daddy’
Mr Sokari coughed now ‘so mr Brown, you’ve had enough time with your daughter. Lets get the truth from her’
Tony nodded ‘my love, i want you to tell us the truth, who shot you?’
Maria coughed ‘water, please’
Tony opened the freezer and gave her a bottled water, she drank almost half of it before clearing her throat ‘you are stressing me daddy’
‘i know my darling, but its important you speak right now’
‘who shot you? A man or a woman’ the attorney asked.
‘a woman’ Maria replied.
‘who?’ Tony asked eagerly.
‘it was Alice’ she said
To be continued.

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