You be big boy..
You spent #150,000 on a girl, all in the name of
her birthday and you even gave
her #50,000 just to make her hair..
Your friend told you to come and buy a land
where he bought his, and invest your
You asked how much ,
And he replied #120, 000
You said to him that you cant buy that kind of
land because it’s not a developed
And you later went broke,…
Can you ask that your girl friend to give you
#20,000 for you to survive?
She agreed give you ?
Make I bend ??..
Later, that same friend of yours called you to
come to his new house since he’s
celebrating it, and you honored his invitation, you
got there and started asking
stupid questions??
Is this the same land we came the last time ?
He replied…. Yes
Everywhere looks like London??
He smiled??
How much can i get Land here now?
He said #1.5million
And you start regretting…
# MyAdvice
Spend your income with your brain NOT with slay
Those girls are destiny killers..
Hustle now,
Forget women OR FACE JUST 1,
Clubbing, drinking and smoking. .
When the money comes,MARRY, train your KIDS,
spend on your wife, go on
vacations with your family ,and you will never
regret it..
Nothing runs a man down like woman.
Don’t involve yourself with women, they are like
virus . One is okay.
POVERTY IS REAL , and no woman will want to
marry a man without plans.

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