Episode 4:
Me:I Am in

Leo:Good of you now you are the best man to do this job cos you are just a civilian with No wanted name like me and my men

Leo:now What you have to do is very Simple here is the picture of chief naeto he will visit hot and suits Hotel on 27th of june this year all you have to do is get in and get out

Me:How??? What do you mean by get in get out

Leo:never mind when its time I will contact you on What to do

Me:Ok boss

I got up after much conversation with mr leo I got out of the building I walked for like 5munites before I finally saw a taxi as I shout ontop of my voice

Me:hey taxi!!! Taxi!!!
I got closer to the driver I told him my destination balogun estate
That’s where I relocated to after my studies.I got in the taxi was about to move we heard another tiny voice calling the Same taxi I looked back to see a very smart cute sexy babe walking so fast to get to the taxi oh my gosh my heart desolved I Tell inlove on a first sight I couldn’t control it She is damn beautiful as She got closer

Lady:taximan Am heading to balogun estate

Me:(surprised)(state of mind)(hmm I must talk to this girl She is heading my area big chance for me )

She got in and sat beside me in the back seat as I glanced at her She looked at me and She smiles this gave me a go ahead to talk to her



Me:Am daniel by name

Lady:Am lizzy

Me:Wow Great well I heard you said you where heading to balogun estate do you live there

Nancy:not really I have a sister there so I want to Pay her a visit

Me: hmm that’s Good well thats where I live


Me:yeah, and I think we can get to know each other more and be of help to each other

Nancy:that’s Good

Me:Ok nancy pls Share me your digit I will ping you


Me:thanks nancy.

Nancy:alright I will have to go down here

Me:Ok nancy take care

After She got down not really far from my area about an hour left for me to get Home the taxi got me to the end of my street I got down.

Finally I got Home I undressed I fall on my bed the tought of being rich flashed back into my mind thinking about 20million my life will definately transform if I should get hold of this money but How is 20million going to be in my possession without blood shed Or without being in danger TBC…

Episode 5: I have done so many terrible things which is beyond my age all the sake of money
Before my father died he was a notorious father and What I mean by that, he is very strict to my brother and I though I have seen my brother victor for so long after our father died we Both depart from each other cos my father was the only reason that made us alive we might have killed each other.we hate our selves like snake and human now I heard my brother is a notorious gangstar in osun state controling numerous gang in some big bad dealing stuff
I got up dressed well as I dashed out of my room I never tought of looking for job Any more cos I believe Am gonna get a hug some of 20million I wanna earn big live big and enjoy large.my phone beeps I checked it and saw whatsapp massage

Leo:Meet me on the high way I have the package for you 9:45am today
Me:Ok boss

As I got out of my street I walked about 10munites some one was calling me from behind hey dannnn heyyyyy

Nancy:dan hey !!! Dan dannn
As I turned around I saw nancy
Me:Wow nancy so Good to see you

Nancy:me too
Me:so you came very Close to my house
Me:Yeah my house is not far from here just at the end her then turn left and right

Nancy:Wow I can get to know your house soon then
Me:Yeah so where are heading
Nancy:well I just left my sisters place so Am heading back Home

Me:that’s cool then

Me:I also have to rush down to the high will chat you up on whatsapp

Nancy:Ok take care then Bye
I took a taxi its just 200naira ride from my house so I got to the high way as I saw a deep blue jeep parked on the other side of the road I sensed that it must be leo so I called him.
Me:Hello boss Am there

Leo:Yeah I can see you now cross to the other side Am in that blue jeep

Me:Ok boss.
I crossed the express road somewhere in detoun arena.one of his bouncers opened the door for me to get in I quickly got in

Leo:dan here is the package you are to trail this man follow him to his apartment he is taken the sum of 100million naira Home within 3days

Me:What!!! 100million What!!!

Leo:Yeah you heard me right


Leo:now this game is about geting hotter this is where you play the role of a spy and also the role of a smart shark

Me:sure boss


I got out of the jeep as my heart was pounding like drum set this is a dengerous game and I know its an illegal game if I get to be appriended by the police am a dead man.
I checked my pocket I still have 7k left with me you might be very surprise How Am I getting money without working,I my self I don’t understand my self this mr Leo is just spraying me cash is this a yahoo Or does this look like yahoo Or Am I just an errand boy the Good guy in me is going bad I returned Home from the high way Am left with 6k+ I switched on my phone data my phone beeps 3new massage from sarah and lizzy

Its been a while Since I packed out of my formal area we didn’t interact like before
Sarah:hi dan I can see you have forgotten me

I replied sarah first

Me:sarah Am sorry I have been busy this days I want you to visit my new house
Sarah:hmmmm Ok Send me your location
Me:Ok will do that Later Hope all is well over there

Sarah:Yeah sure

Me:Ok Later then

She must have known I have changed totally I my self there isn’t chance for me to flirt around now I must hammer this girl if She should come my house this time

Me:Hello nancy

Nancy: Send me your Home adress again I want to come tomorrow


Me:Ok I will

Nancy:alright Later

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