Episode 10

Mummy: Jerry, you don’t ask dorchas to come inside ni?

Me: yeaaaa, i was….

Dorchas: ***she cut in*** yeah, I am OK like this ma!

Mummy: how will you be OK like that? Go and sit inside jareh. And you ‘jerry’, I am going to market.

Me: OK ma!!!

After mummy left…. I thought; now, I can make use of house without being disturb then;

Me: can we sit down then?

Dorchas: I won’t stay long. My sister is at saloon there. She asked me To check you if you dey around. Now that you are around. I think I should be get going. She continued; May be after she finish relaxing her hair, she would check you. Since you refused picking her calls…

Me: I think you are misunderstanding… We are not fighting…

Dorchas: don’t make a fuss about the whole thing again. I knew everything already. Just forgive her because she said you asked to call it a quite. She has shown me your message though.

Me; what!!!!

Dorcas: I think it is you that is misunderstanding. Cause, she said she didn’t send any message to you in the first place.

Me: With all this you are saying. I believe you know everything sey?

Dorchas: even though, she might eventually become A little mermaid in your life, which will later disappear into the tiny air like a bubble water. Yet, I want you to make her happy for the time being. She had a story already. Seen her look so dejected is an eyes sore.

Me:***sigh, what parable this girl is pinpointing? **** I am afraid of her feeling hurt when I return back to school.

Me: Someone told me that the time that a person helps someone is not decided by the person who is giving the help, but the person who is receiving the help… I think, getting help and be loved by someone are synonymous. That is why, I want you help me keep her for time being. Please!

Me: OK! I understand you. I will.

Dorchas: i will be going…. I will tell her you dey around Sah. Never forget that she will check you when she through with her hair.

Me: OK!

Dorchas: bye for now.

Me: bye…

When people are going through a hard time, they always say “help me”. They ask for help, but concern dorchas who is seeking a comfort for her sister who just lost her lover, she doesn’t. Rather than “help me” he left a message for me that said “hold my sister like a little mermaid”. “little mermaid” to me sounds like a cry for help. But i still wonder why will she be asking for someone who will only care for her sister for pending and drop her if they both satisfy their S£xual huge. I sometime think of that issue that day as something that was crooked up by both dorchas and monica. But i guess, may be that is how some Igbo girls live. I was still clueless until when Dorchas show what she made off. As I said earlier about whatever women do; as how their bad attempts might later turn about to good deeds. To make that clear, after 4years i realize that Monica is a Learner and dorchas is the trainer!!!!

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