(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 46
Edwin returned but couldn’t believe his eyes-the room was well dressed and things arranged in order. He glanced at Melody who was smiling at him on the bed and said, “Which law did you apply on this room?”
“The law of cleanliness” Melody replied still smiling.
“And what dose the law state?”
“The law states that cleanliness is next to Godliness and directly surprise people like Edwin who don’t give a clear explanation of where they go to before going”
Edwin smiled understanding what she meant, so he met her on the bed in away his head laid on her thighs and said, “I’m sorry for not telling you where i was going”
“Apology can only be accepted if you tell me where you went to”
“Okay, i will tell you in one condition. In a condition that you close your eyes”
Melody smiled with her eyes closed anticipating to have a kiss from him but she waited so long for that to happen but there was no reaction, then she asked, “What are you doing?”
“You can open your eyes now” Edwin said before she gradually opened her eyes. To her surprise, she saw a sparking ring before her then she held her chest in surprise staring at it.
“Please, marry me” Edwin said from her thighs looking very serious.
“You are joking, right?” she asked.
“I’m not joking my love. Please, be the mother of my children. I love you so much”
Melody suddenly began to smile which got him worried. “Yes, i will marry you my love” she replied still smiling.
“Wow!” he jumped up and placed the ring in her finger then began to kill her in a way he was on top. He tried to undress her with the joy in him but Melody prevented him saying, “Remember the law of cleanliness”
“Yes, i remember. Cleanliness is next to Godliness and directly..”
“Stop” she interrupted him. “You have heard it. “Cleanliness is next to Godliness, so don’t defile this clean room with sex. You have had enough of it. Jeez! Men! You guys will never get tired of sex. Don’t worry, you will get tired in our matrimonial bed”
“Which one is this bed?” Edwin asked smiling.
“This is a bachelor’s bed”
“Are you calling me bachelor?”
“Then who are you?”
“I’m a bachelor” he replied and they laughed.
Mr Thompson got more angry when Linda explained to him that the owner of the pregnancy denied it and his phone number suddenly vanished from existence. So he sent her out of the house giving a deaf ear to his wife and Tochi’s pleads. The day was already getting dark, so Tochi had no choice but to take Linda to her house. It was disastrous!
At the resident of Mrs Desmond, Tochi explained to her mother and she agreed to shelter Linda in as much as her daughter is concerned and promised to talk to Linda’s parents.
Without Linda’s knowledge, Tochi went to Kingsley’s house for the very first time. She saw nobody but him sitting in front of the compound without a shirt on. When she saw him, she withdrew her face from the attractive muscular body.
“Please, put on something abeg” she said, then Kingsley smiled and wore his singlet. “That’s how you tempt all these girls around here with this body” she added and sat with him on the long bench.
“You are welcome” Kingsley said and suddenly frowned his face because he knew why she came. So Tochi looked at him and said, “I know how you feel. It is always hard to forgive someone like Linda in this situation. She is gradually breaking into two. You need to see the emotional pains she is passing through and how sorry she is. I know what she did is wrong but please, show mercy to my only friend. She needs you now more than ever. Please, i beg of you”
As Tochi explained, Kingsley laid his head on the wall trying so hard to withstand the tears which circled in his eyes.
“But why must Linda do this to me?” he asked bitterly. “What exactly do you want me to do now? She is pregnant for another man for goodness sake”
“She only needs your forgiveness” Tochi replied.
“I’m sorry, i can’t do anything”
“Please, i beg you. Her father sent her out of the compound because of this. She couldn’t even sleep last night. She cried throughout the night. Please, i beg you, she needs someone to console her”
“I can’t do that, I’m sorry” kingsley went inside the house drying his tears while Tochi went home looking disappointed.
Kingsley laid on the bed remembering all the time he had with Linda in school. He sometimes smiled and giggled at some of the thought like when Linda gave Vivian a slap. He smiled at the first kiss they had and was moved to forgive her because his heart longs for nobody but her.
At the resident of Mrs Desmond who was not at home, Linda remained in Tochi’s room refusing to eat something and her eyes never ceased to shed tears.
“Will you always be like this?” Tochi pitied her feeling her eyes wet with tears too. “Please, don’t hurt yourself because of this. I beg you in the name of God” she added. Just then, Kingsley came..

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