(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 47
Tochi averted her eyes from Linda immediately the sound came from the door. She couldn’t guess who the person was because nobody had ever knocked at her door. Her mother only opened it without knocking or knock and opens instantly. Was it Wisdom? No, Wisdom only go straight to the backyard and rather make himself known using his mouth than knocking. Sometime, he doesn’t even say a word but stands at the door until his presence is noticed.
Tochi cracked the door opened. “Kingsley?” she dried her tears again and rubbed her hands on her black skirt like a Tata.
Hearing the name, Kingsley, Linda sat up gazing at the door. She couldn’t see anybody but Tochi. But when the door was opened widely, she saw Kingsley gradually walking towards her. While Tochi stood at the door to take a look of what will happen.
“kingsley..” Linda paused.
“How can i stay when i know you are in pains?” Kingsley began. He stood beside the bed staring at her. “If i dont forgive you who will i forgive? If i turn my back on you, definitely i I’m turning my heart and feelings down…”
Linda jumped up from the bed and hugged him crying uncontrollably. “I’m so sorry. Please, forgive me..”
“Is okay, i’ve forgiven you already” Kingsley held her tightly while she cried on his shoulder…
Wisdom and Chester were together in the room-Chester’s. It was no different from one of the rooms he entered when still in London-the electric white bulb, pumping bed and pillows and other modern materials.
“Guy, you are lucky” Wisdom adjusted on the bed wearing a light T-shirt which matched his complexion. “Or should i say Esther is lucky?”
“We are both lucky” Chester replied in front of a mirror. He adjusted his tie in a black suit then turned. “How do look?”
“You luck great. Now, i can say that Esther is the one lucky”
“Why, bro?”
“Because you are far more handsome” they grinned.
“You won’t believe how beautiful she is now” Chester went back to the mirror but Wisdom remained quiet. “That reminds me, isn’t it time you propose to Tochi?”
Chester turned as if the question was weird. “Yes, pro-po-se” he opened his eyes widely.
“Calm down, bro. I will definitely do that”
“When? Until thy kingdom come? All these boys around will take her from you if you don’t act fast” he returned to the mirror again smiling at his own joke.
“Tochi can never fall for that” Wisdom boasted smiling too.
Linda minimized the rate of her tears. She sat side by side with Kingsley on the bed. However, Tochi had gone out giving them some privacy.
“You know what?” Kingsley began. “I also have a confession to make. If i were to be a girl, i would probably be in your shoes now. So it doesn’t matter anymore. What matters now is after everything, we still love ourselves” he looked at her. “I still love you”
Linda stared at him but suddenly averted her eyes. “But what about the pregnancy? Should i abort it?”
“No! Don’t, the owner will one day come for it. Don’t harm an innocent child” he hugged her.
Calista had wedded already. Now it was Chester’s wedding.
Jennifer, who was her bride’s maid, and her mother totally became deep into the things of God.
The news was everywhere-television, news paper, social media: That the only son of Mr Silva was getting married to a daughter of Mr Godwin.
Everybody was in the church-Tochi, the bride’s maid of Esther, Wisdom, the best-man of Chester, Linda, kingsley, Jennifer, Calista and her husband, Edwin, Melody, even Mr Nelson, the principal and Mr Anuma who stood beside him admiring their handwork-bringing up the children academically. Mr Anuma adjusted his eyeglasses when the marriage kicked off. “I will enjoy this” he nodded his head.
Tochi and Wisdom occasionally glanced at each other when the priest was joining Esther and Chester together. However, Jennifer noticed a fair handsome guy admiring her from a distant. She averted her eyes instantly when their eyes caught.
“You may now kiss your pride” the priest announced. Then Chester slowly unveiled Esther and kissed her. Everybody began to clapped.
Kingsley glanced at Linda. He smiled at her and held her closer to himself as not to feel… outside the box.
“Better get prepared oh” Melody whispered to Edwin and they laughed.
The wedding came to an end. When the pride and the groom went home, everybody, who knew Mr Anuma gathered around him outside the church feeling happy to see him once again. Even Mr Anuma was surprise to see how fat, tall matured and most of all, handsome and beautiful his students were.
“Sir, i miss you!”
“Yes, even your grammar!”
“And your mode of talking!”
“Even your dressing!” they all shouted and laughed.
“Look at you now!” Mr Anuma adjusted his eyeglasses and put his hand inside his pocket. “See how predominantly your bodies have squash unflinchingly”
They laughed. Even Mr Anuma smiled at his own words. Just then, Jennifer noticed the guy coming to her..

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