• April 21, 2017
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Present day.
Two weeks after Fola’s wedding.
I was in Michael’s office working on my laptop, when Ada walked in. my eyes moved to look at her when she spoke.
“Gibson lunch is ready, do you want to eat here or in the dining room?” she asked, sounding like she wanted to be anywhere but here.
I looked at her and I did that for approximately 5 seconds without saying anything. She stood there patiently waiting, but I could see that she was getting ticked.
So I stared some more, just because I enjoy it when she gets ticked, she gets really cute when it happens. Finally she broke,
“Are you hungry or not, seriously I have work to do”
Now we’re talking, she was glaring at me, One side of my lip went up into a smirk which ticked her off the more, she whirled around and began to stomp out of Michael’s office in her cute fitted black skirt that went with a blue top and some flat shoes, looking amazing.
She was a few feet to the door when I stopped her by calling her name. She stopped and waited, her back facing me. I knew she wasn’t going to turn around for me to talk to her so I launched into what I wanted to say.
“Babe, since Michael and Fola went for their honeymoon, you’ve been avoiding me, whenever we manage to meet you avoid talking to me, how long will you keep doing this?”
But she didn’t say anything, she didn’t even move, she just stood there.
“Ada” I called
But she still stood there like a mannequin.
“Ada” I called again, still she didn’t move. So I got up and walked to her, once I was directly behind her, I placed my hand on her shoulder, she immediately jerked her shoulder and turned around to face me, still glaring, then she said.
“Look, we have broken up; you are now the friend of my boss, not my boyfriend, so please let’s keep it that way”
Then she turned back around and walked out, ok this has been going on for far too long, time to stake my claim, I was done with this , this has to end, I don’t mean us as a couple ‘cos as far as I’m concerned we never broke up, she’s just having a phase, she’ll come out of it soon, and that “soon” is today.
So I followed her, right up to the kitchen, occasionally she would turn her head to look at me walk behind, then she would quicken her steps, but I always caught up with her.
As she got to the kitchen, I held her by her wrist, then pulled her towards me making her turn around fully to face. Then I grabbed her by the side of her neck, got real close, and pecked her on her forehead. Once I was done I looked at her, and the look on her face made me chuckle, she had on a stupid, cute, funny look.
I looked to the kitchen to see the maids were there staring at us, one even had her mouth hanging agape. Well then, that should do it.
“Did you just do that?” this was said by my sweet Ada, in a whisper,
My head turned away from looking at the maids to look at her when she spoke, then I answered once she was done speaking, “yep, I just did; now the whole house will know we are back together”
“No we are not” she said in a whisper.
“Yes Ada we are” I replied her.
“But…but… we’ve broken up” she stammered
“No we haven’t,” I said.
My hand was still holding her by her neck when she bent it backwards to look at me, then she said, no longer whispering.
“Gibson, I remember vividly breaking up with you in the pool a few months ago, we are no longer together, we have broken up, so I don’t understand that stunt…”
She didn’t complete her sentence ‘cos I pecked her again on her forehead.
This made her to jerk back in surprise, I still don’t understand why she‘s still getting surprised by it, I do it all the time to her, well I haven’t been doing it ‘cos I’ve been giving her some space, but now I’m taking that space back.
“Will you stop doing that?” she bit out angrily, “I said we have broken up, you are now a friend to my boss, and friends to my boss don’t kiss me on the forehead, ok, so just stop it”
“Sorry babe, I can’t , and even if I could, I wouldn’t, and sorry again ‘cos I know you really love to talk to me right now but I can’t do that, we’ll talk once I’m done with the work I’m doing in Michael’s office”
Then I kissed her yet again on her forehead, this time I noticed her mouth was hanging open like how the maids’ mouth was, the only difference is hers is cuter than the maid.
Then I turned around, and walked back to Michael’s office, grinning as I did.

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