temmy: tolu, thats my dad
me: yeeh, mogbe
temmy: take it easy naw!!
me: take it easy kee? temmy, its your dad we are talking about
temmy: hmmm, tolu, you are not even a man, just calm down
me: calm down?
temmy: yes
me: ok ooo
i complied with what she said, though, i was very much afraid, her dad entered with his toyota highlander, i dont even have time for reading her dad’s face
temmy: welcome daddy
temmy’s dad: good morning daughter
me: good morning sir!!
temmy’s dad: hey, good morning, who are you?
me: ***yeh mogbe***
temmy: oh dad, this is my friend, tolu, he is the one have been talking to you about
**ohh? so shes been talking to her dad about me**
temmy’s dad: oh!! you? dont you do that again ooo, i hate it when people hurt my daughter’s feeling, do you hear me?
me: yes sir!
temmy’s dad: good, i wouldn’t want to delay you, when you are coming back from school, you should drop by
me: okay sir!
temmy: hmmm, ok dad, we will be on our way now
temmy’s dad: okay, let my driver drop you off
temmy and i: okay sir

we both got to school, i saw james, then i remembered that am having an uncompleted case am solving, i went straight to mr badmus office, i got there, benita was already sitted, waiting for james and i, but james? he is out there flexing, i greeted mr badmus, he answered, he then told us to wait for james, so that our case will be transfered to the discplinary commitee, but for now, we will be transfered to the principal..
we waited for 15minutes before james finally showed up, he was given six strokes of cane by mr badmus for keeping us waiting, so james can cry, i laughed till i was exhausted.. we were transfered to the principal’s office
we got to the principal’s office, i was afraid
we greeted him
principal: good morning, yes? how may i help you?
mr badmus: sir, these are the ones i told you about, they pushed tolu into the pool
principal: **becoming more aggresive** is that so?
me: **benita and james were silent** yes sir!!
*******they both looked at me********
me: kini? didn’t you pushed me?
james and benita: we are sorry sir
principal: your case will be transfer to the discplinary commitee
**benita was already crying, while james was just looking like a cow that was about to face death, on our way james tried to talk to benita but she shunned him off, watin concern me?

we got to the discplinary commitee’s office, we waited for like 15minutes, then they told us to enter, chaii… criminal act no good ooo!!! benita was already shaking, we saw three people inside, mr johnson, he was one of the non-teaching staff in the school, mr ogundele, he was also one of the non-teaching staff in the school and finaly, the baba, mr principal himself, o ga ooo..
they asked us what the matter is,
mr badmus: at the excursion, tolu was forcefully pushed into the pool, by this two here, **pointing to james and benita**
mr johnson: tolu, can you please narrate how it all started without hiding anything
me: okay sir!!

i narrated everything to them, i told them about the poison act, they sympathised with me, they scold me for not reporting the case to them, i apologised for that, after that they announce their judgement, it favoured me, it favoured benita, and also james…
watch out for the next episode
kindly predict the judgement by droping your comments
written and produced by owoeye tolu

guys, am very sorry for not updating regularly, am just been so busy with many things.
so please accept my apology…

comment apology accepted if you really forgive me for that…..

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