Episode 5
On Sunday afternoon when Mrs Rose called me to see her in her apartment, I sat on her chair, looking at her, Daniella is also at home so I was surprised with the call
Mrs Rose: Daniel
Me: yes ma
Mrs Rose: I’ve been hearing some news now that you and my daughter are dating
Me: we are not dating ma, she’s just a friend of mine ni ma
Daniella: (cut in) what’s wrong with me dating Daniel, is he an imbecile ni, well av been planning to tell you, but if this is how you will know, no problem, we are dating
Mrs Rose: (rise up from her sit) well, I trust Daniel, he dare not try such with me
Me: (thinking, see how she’s talking to her mum)
The woman left, I was left dump folded, looking at the drama, I left the place without saying a word.
I told kola about it, cus the woman has changed since that day, kola and I have already decide to move out of the place and go back to our house, since there is no more problem again, I came back from work, resting, and thinking of how we will pack our loads, when Daniella knock
Me: come in now
Daniella: (she sit on the chair) what’s wrong with you and mummy, what happen between you two,
Me: nothing, you know mum was like I should take you like a sister, instead of dating you
Daniella: forget jare, I love you and nothing can change about that, I’ve told Dad, so he will be coming home soon to meet you,
Me: okay sha, but we are leaving this place tonyt o, we just decide that today, I’ve sent you a message sef
Daniella: (surprised) haha, don’t go now, cus of mummy?
Daniel: no o, I want to go and take good care of my shop, because the guy I just employed no too sharp,
Daniella: I will miss you o, I will be coming to your house o, infact you will give me your key, cus I am now your wife
I smiled, she left, kola came and we left for our house that night, our neighbors welcomed us, they are happy to see us.

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