Episode 11
After an hour passed. Monica came and we had fun together. It was totally raw and I wish I had one more before I could return back to school. I had fully prepared before she shown up. I have used a dose of Vega as prescribed by man-T. It was more or less adventure. She shown she is a tigress on bed and I shown her the work of aphrodisiac (a drug that helps increase the libido). I looked at her with my beautiful eyes and smiles,… without much ado, her body heated up, as if she was naked at a communal bath house. The right and left chambers of her heart pounds incessantly. I took of my shirt, dropped my knicker beneath knees, drenched in sweat and I began nailing her. By the power of Vega install in me, I became a horse, learn muscle like a Stallion, with a sturdy thighs and continue nailing her punany. Doing it so faster in a missionary style. And she begin to moan, screaming, and rolling her ass.

Monica: ***moaning***oh yes! Yea Fu¢k me, Fu¢k me……

Me: ****sweating profusely, banging really hard, smooching her bosom. Giving her more hard thrusting, doing it faster***** i, too, Just dey moaning: huuuu,huuuuu, hhaaaà, haaaaàaa, yeaaaa,yeaaaa..

Monica: ****sweating profusely****I love you jerry…. I love you… Haaa! Please slow slow… Screaming: oh yes, oh yes!, oh yes Jerry….

****I changed position from missionary to girl ontop.****

Oh! The difference wey dey between Fu¢king a woman ordinary and taking drug to Fu¢k woman is like a difference between a fighter plane and a paper plane. They both fly, but the performance is difference. time taken 1, fighting distance 2, power banging 3, hard thrusting 4, and faster pounding 5… are one of the factors which distinguish them****. Having Spent just 4 minutes beneath her, then I changed the position to doggy style. It is a deadly style for her. I never spent more than 3 minutes in the style. Then, she began to complain. I was just smooching, kissing her, while she was still screaming:

Monica: oh yes… Jerry, E done do. My Kitty-cat is hurt. It will tear if you continue like this.

Me: ***pounding, sweating profusely*** don’t worry babe. It will never tear…. Increasing the thrusting speed.

Monica: ***sceaming: oh my, oh please, oh! I take god beg you**** i am tired. Please leme realize. Just let me realize for a moment.

Me:****breathing heavily***banging kitty-cat, smooching bossom, squeezing the ass… The power was still double charging… I was taking pity of her cause she was feeling like she wants to faint. I had to reduce the banging

Monica: ****sweatiing and crying**** please jerry, let stop here today. My kitty is hurt.

Me: ****breathing heavily**** let me just come for once.

Monica: ****sweating and crying*** please, let use another method. I can’t take this anymore, unless you want to kill me. I am weak, please.

I can’t stand see her crying. Then, I stop and remove my rod inside her kitty. It was so hurt and very hard. I put a devil smile on check. As I place it on her hands. She looked at me and said:

Monica: ***with drenched face and soaked hair*** what should I do to it?

Me: ****breathing heavily*** make me cum…

She was still looking at me. Then, placed it on her mouth and quickly remove it back:

Monica:***squeezing the face****

Me: ***frown*** what????

Monica: ***looking onto my eyes*** it hurts. Did you use something?

Me: ***frank*** nooo…. What do you mean?

Monica: I wonder why it hurt like this….

She begin to rub the head. Lubricate it with pre-cum. Sucking the tip. Rimming the tip with her tongue. But the more she suck it, the more the body is becoming hard. It get to a level when she said:

Monica: ***tired voice*** please cum, my hands are paining me.

5 minutes after, she was just looking at the erected rod wey stand attention without any clue. But since, it is becoming so late. I have to call it a day. When she left for home, I saw hell and was blaming myself why I let her go so easy. Why?

***as erected Di¢k won’t leme sleep***

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