• April 23, 2017
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What in the world just happened?, I specifically said we have broken up, and yet he’s acting like we’ve been courting for four years now. Or is he deaf?
As I stood there thinking maybe Gibson is deaf or is just plain stupid and forgetful, I felt the eyes of my co workers looking at me. I turned my head to the side to look at them, and like I was some soap opera superstar, they stared at me.
“Don’t you girls have work to do?”
“yeah we do , but looking at what just happened is way better than working” said one of the maids, I rolled my eyes at her, ignoring her, all of them, then marched forward in search of Gibson. If I have to scream it into his ears in order for it to penetrate into his brains that we have broken, I will.
But when I got to Michael’s office, he wasn’t there, hmm…where is he, as I walked back thinking where he might have gone to, I saw Nancy walking to the door, looks like she wants to go to the supermarket to buy the ingredients for the pastries I want to teach her. But before she goes, let me ask her if she has seen Gibson.
He didn’t even tell me where he wanted to eat, guess he isn’t hungry.
I was walking to the main door of the house when I heard my name, I turned around to the sound of Ada’s voice, she was walking fast and briskly towards me like she was on a mission, I hope I haven’t done anything ‘cos she looks pissed.
She asked as she walked towards me, “where is Gibson, have you seen him?”
I sighed in relief and it was a big one, glad she wasn’t pissed at me, she squinted her eyes glaring at me, I saw the look, I know that look so I quickly said, “ I have no idea”
And really I don’t, I saw him 3 hours ago in Michael’s office, he’s the boss for now, because Fola and Michael are on their honeymoon in Dubai.
“You don’t know where he is?” she asked again, still glaring at me.
“No Ada, seriously I don’t” she kept giving me the glare, while I waited patiently for her to be done with it. She thinks the glare scares me but it actually makes her look cute. So it doesn’t hurt to take the glare full on whenever she gives it.
She gave up giving me the glare, sighing in the process, realizing it wasn’t working, then she turned around and walked to the kitchen yelling, “when you see him, tell him I don’t want to see him, he doesn’t exist, and that we are done, so done” (explanation: when you see him, tell him I desperately need to see him, pronto).
“Sure will” I said, grinning at her back.
I stood there grinning behind her, when suddenly I heard.
“You’re grinning”
I jerked in surprise at the sound of Stephen’s voice, he was walking towards the stairs, he had a towel around his waist, barefoot, and I could see the droplets of water coming down his skin, exposing his six packs, flat tummy and from where I stand it looks hard, this is mainly because he works out, with the droplets of water on his skin it means his wet, which means he just got out from the pool.
“Yeah I am so?” I replied back, smirking at him
He shook his head, like I was a child in need of home training, “ Ada doesn’t need Gibson desperately”
My mouth dropped open in shock, how in the world did he know what I was thinking? He wasn’t in the room when I said it. Or was he?
He walked passed me, ignoring my reaction, I spluttered for about three seconds then demanded, “how did you know what I was thinking?” then I shut up, realizing my mistake, maybe he didn’t know it, maybe he just guessed it, and my stupid big mouth just said it out loud letting him know he was right about what I was thinking. Shoot! I’m so stupid.
I’m totally going to ignore him for the next two days, no speaking, no hanging out, nothing!.
“Nancy you can’t stay a minute without talking to me, so your plan of trying to ignore me for the next few days, won’t work”.
My eyes bugged out, he was at the stairs right now, he took the first step, turned slightly around to grin at me, then took the next step and kept on going up the stairs.
I heard him chuckle deeply ‘cos of the look on my face, I watched him go up the stairs until he got to the top, totally freaked out at his ability to read my mind. Then I watched him disappear from my sight. Slowly, oh so slowly, I turned around, walked to the door like a zombie, placed my palm on the door handle, and pressed it down. It made a click sound, then I pulled it open, and stepped into the hot afternoon sun.
Before Ada came to me, I was on my way to the supermarket to buy some ingredients for my baking lessons. I’ve been watching some really nice videos on how to bake some amazing pastries, so I’m going to try baking them ‘cos they look amazing, but I won’t be doing it alone, Ada will be supervising me.
But after experiencing Stephen’s ability to read minds, I’m not sure I can go to the supermarket any longer.
“Hi sugar plum, you ok?”
My eyeballs moved on its own to look at Becky standing slightly to my left facing me, looking at me like she thought maybe I needed medical attention, and she might be right.
I nodded my head woodenly at her meaning yes; she tilted her head to the side, trying to figure out if I was saying the truth.
“You look like you’ve been given a shot of the zombie venom, you sure you’re ok?” she asked again, and again, I nodded my head.
She still looked unconvinced so I decided to convince her by speaking and this is what I said slowly and quietly,
“Stephen… can…. Read…. minds”
“Huh?” was her reply cos she couldn’t hear me.
I shook my head to clear the fog that was clouding my brain and repeated more firmly saying, “Stephen can read minds, did you know that?”
She looked confused for a moment so I asked again, “did you know Stephen can read minds?”
“well…I don’t think…” she started, but I interrupted her by saying,
“Why didn’t you tell me he can read minds?” I said with an attitude.
“hold on sweetie” she said, raising her hand palm out in front of her trying to keep me quiet so she could answer but I spoke again.
“No, Becky why didn’t you tell me he can read minds, I’m sure he has read everything I’ve thought about him for the last…..” I stopped speaking, as I tried to think of how long I’ve been with the smiths’ family, but I couldn’t remember so I continued with my rant.
“I can’t remember how long, but you still should have told me?”
She decided not to speak, she just watched me instead, silently.
“I mean, I’m sure he has been laughing his head off at all my inappropriate thoughts, thinking how much of an idiot I am”
Then feeling totally stupid and embarrassed at the picture I had painted in my head, I ended with, “ God, this is awful”
“Inappropriate thoughts?, oh do tell” said Becky, and to my dismay, quite excitedly.
“I’m serious Becky you should have told me”. Then I kept quiet, she was quiet too, we stared at each other, then I prompted saying, “So?”
“Oh, are you done ranting?” she asked.
I rolled my eyes, then my eyes rolled back to look at her, then I gave her a look, a look that said I’m done ranting, now I want her to talk, so I won’t look foolish ranting for nothing. She understood my behavior so she spoke.
“Well firstly, Stephen cannot read minds”
I attempted to speak, to let her know that he actually can but she raised a finger stopping me, my mouth clamped shut, then I stood there listening, she continued.
“And what are the inappropriate thoughts?” she asked, I tried again to speak, but once again she stopped me.
“Hold that answer…, next, I’m sure whatever the thoughts are, he won’t mind, he’s a nice boy and an understanding one too, I mean have you met his brother?”
I kept quiet, having nothing to say, I mean what do I say?
The look she gave me said she wanted an answer to her question; but I kept quiet, so she said
“ok don’t answer me, but you do know he can’t read my minds right?”
“Of course he can, he told me exactly what I was thinking Becky” I said, sounding really convinced that he can read minds.
“No Nancy he can’t”
I was done with this; she won’t believe me, fine. I’ll just leave it the way it is. I walked forward heading for the car parked in front of me, but she stopped me by asking, “Where are you going?”
“To the supermarket” I replied still walking to the car, Bello was already in the driver’s seat, so I opened the back door of the car, bent, got in, closed the door, and then we drove off, Leaving Becky standing there, watching us leave.

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