Episode 32
Me: ***pleading*** please shakiru, I have offended you… please forgive me!!!

Snakie:****laughing**** I wanted you to rot in jail just like you made me rotten in jail.****pointing at me*** but, I heard your African doll used her power to take you off hook. Well it is nice. Only that… you should thanks you creator cause I even wanted to do more harmful to you than that.

Me: ***pleading*** I made a big mistake due to big misunderstanding back then… please understand my heart.

Snakie:***laughing**** usually, stupid people wear a flower on their head to indicate their foolishness. I was wrong back then as well to give you …stupid boy a place in my den…***now, I will freeze you to death without touching you*** I will only make you suffer for something you like, something you craved to have alone back then.

Me:***pleading*** please, shakiru I was young back then. We are friends remember. Don’t let us do that again. I did something that deserve punishment and death, but forgive me.

Me:*** pointing at me*** I have given you the punishment you deserve but you have gotten help from your African doll. For now, I will free you a little bit. But I will make your African doll go through what she said I did back then, not even in hidden like that time but in form of public now.
Me:****screaming**** haaaaa…. Please, shakiru. Don’t do that!!!

Snakie:***screaming*** don’t do wwwwhaaattt?

Racheal:****crying profusely**** sweating and burning: end is near… please snakie!!!

Snakie:****laughing aloud*** you…***pointing at me*** the most painful death of human is not their own death, but the death of their love ones. Look at me as I am making racheal reach a death bed in a day broad light!!!

Me:***pleading*** I never knew you were shakiru when we met at hotel over two and half years ago. I would have apologies. Please, allow me to apologies now.

Snakie: ****shaking head*** nope!!! …it’s late already. I was able to get hold onto you. We killed chief to send you to life imprison. Thanks to opeyemi. She helped me a lot. ***walked towards opeyemi and place his harm on her shoulder*** she deserve a credit for that!

Opeyemi:***shaking all over the body, but neither dare to look at my face nor snakie’s face***

Snakie:***turned to opeyemi and frowned, with strong expression*** but, even though, I am a nice guy. I don’t know why those people I considered as my crew, family, and blood are always one way or the other betrayed my trust. Is this how human being living and behave??? ***asking opeyemi*** since, I could not go to university I cannot understand why, because I didn’t study sociology. But I feel hurt every time this happened to me. Opeyemi, can you tell me why this is happening all the time?

Me:***started crying and shivering***

Snakie: ***very determined expression*** tell me… opeyemi now. Tell me why you betrayed me now…****screaming*** I am asking you now before I lose my temper.

Opeyemi:****crying profusely and shivering, while her legs and lips are shaking**** i…ii…iii am sorrrrry snakie. I was wrong.

Snakie:**** FROWN*** what??? You are sorry eeeehn? You slept with jerry and you thought I won’t know?? You made me raised the son of my enemy as my own son. Ko si ba se fe se efo tete ti o ni run gbe*** there is no way to cook tete-vegetable that won’t make a awful smell*** I thought you are difference, but you later stabbed my back, even though I warned you not to do it. I was calling you that night to know if you didn’t try to do it and trying put your sense right. But you did it abi?

Me:****flashback: I remember someone was calling opeyemi that night which she saved the person’s name as my homie*** murmuring: so, it was snakie that was calling that night…. Haaaaaa… mogbe!!!

Opeyemi:***crying profusely and pleading*** please! Please!! Please!!!

Me:****scared and shaking**** murmuring: I met my waterlo today… after suffer for this with law for two and half years. I later meet karma of five minute free seasonal bleeping again.

Racheal:****sweating and crying profusely*** pleading: please! I am sorry snakie!!!

Snakie:***deep his hand inside his pocket, brought out a white wrapped paper and handed it over to opeyemi*** read it for me now!!!****screaming**** now, before I blow your head off!!!

Opeyemi:***crying profusely and shivering, while reading the paper gave to her*** reading: the blood tested result relationship between mr. shakiru johson and temiloluwa shakiru are 0.1499892 meaning they don’t have any blood… blood… bloooooooooooooo

Snakie:****screaming*** THEY DON’T HAVE WHAT???

Opeyemi:****shivering and scared*** oooooh, they ddonnnnttt have any blood relation.

Snakie: you stabbed me in the back??? Abi…

Opeyemi:*** crying profusely and shivering*** I am sorry!!! Am sorry!!! I am sorry!!! ….i was wrong honey! I would have not done it. I was wrong!!!

Snakie:****laughing aloud*** you knew already you shouldn’t do it and later went for it abi? After, I warned you. You can’t control your libido??? You are bitch… ***snakie hit opeyemi the back of the gun he held in his hand*** ppppppppaaaaaaaaaa!!! at once!!!

Opeyemi:**** she went down and became unconscious immediately**** blank out!!!!!!

Snakie:***turned his head unto our direction**** now, having through with her. It is time for the show between me and both of you!!!

Racheal:****sweating and crying profusely*** pleading: please! I am sorry snakie!!!

Me:****pleading and crying aloud*** please snakie… I was wrong please. I am sorry. Please, forgive me. I beg of you!!!

Snakie: ***turned his head into the back and called out*** temiloluwa???

Temiloluwa:***responding from his room*** yes daddy!!!

Snakie: ***warning*** don’t come out here, until I asked you to do so. Better still you can go to sleep and plug the head mug on your hears to do away with the noise from the music. ok???

Temiloulwa:***answered*** I have heard you daddy…

Snakie:***responded** ok!!!

Racheal:***scared and trebling*** what to do??? Please, snakie or rather shaikiru. I was wrong!!!

Me:****scared and fearness envelope my whole living*** murmuring: I have never seen fear like this since I was born. I am ruined. What will snakie upto now???

Snakie: ***went inside to pick something only god know***

******There was a tension in the air. Cause, it seems all of us inside the house are being held hostage by snakie and it seems each and every one of us has one way or the other that we stomped on snakie. I think it is time to face the karma of our pass doing. But I was totally scared because I connected to every crimes committed against him and my own parts of crime are the most enormous ones… what will I do??? I am scared. ***turned to God*** please deliver me here today and I will never do this again. I will not even go near women again. I am scared oh lord!!!******

*****a minute later, snakie emerged with materials only God know what he is planning to do with it*****

Snakie:****held digital camera and its stand in his hand*** I have fully prepared for today. It is time to take you to memory lane. Both of you will see a tremor experience like that of earthquake today.

Me:***scared and pleading***

Racheal:*** crying profusely and shivering***

Snakie:***walked to the chair where racheal tied to*** drag her before my sight, place the camera in front of her. Walked to where camera is and place his android phone beside it. Switch on the data of his android phone and connected the USB from the phone to camera. He scrolled through the setting on his android phone and chosen the port to upload live video coverage online. ***after the setting and when the phone done connected to online to start upload video on the site called live-dot-x-dot-com*** He left to meet racheal and Trying to disrobe her clothes of her and living her unclad in front of camera.

Me:****crying and begging**** snakie, please!!! Don’t do this. I was the person that wrongs you…. P-l-e-a-s-s-e!!!

Racheal:****pleading and crying profusely*** please, shakiru. I beg of you. I was wrong. Please don’t do this for me. My whole life would be ruin as a prosecutor if you should do this. Pleases!!!****begging continuing***

Snakie:****strong expression*** I want to ruin your life for you. I want your life savior back then watch live porn, not only him but the whole world. I want both of you to feel the law of karma. After you ruined me!!! You are now begging. **** screaming**** OPEN YOUR LEGS NOW, BEFORE I BLOW-OFF YOU HEAD!!!!***pointing a gun on her fore head****
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