• April 25, 2017
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Four days later.
I was in my room, standing bent forward in front of my bed and I was talking to myself; yes I said that, talking to myself.
“Ok, so I have everything I need, my handbag, which has my phone and purse in it, and also my bottle of water ‘cos I get thirsty all the time”
Like I said, I was speaking to myself, checking to see if I had everything I needed for my trip to the market. The house is in need of some essentials, I’m to get them, which leads to now. So right now, I’m about to leave to get these essentials. As I stood in front of my bed, I heard.
I rolled my eyes to the voice of Gibson calling me babe, again…I mean when will he get it, I’m not his babe, we are not together.
“Babe” he called again, so I turned around to glare at him.
“What” I replied heatedly.
But he wasn’t moved by my glare, nope not at all. He just walked casually into my room from where he stood by the door like the room was his, right to me and said.
“I’ve been waiting for you outside with the car for over 20 minutes, how long does it take for you to get your handbag and phone?”
As I looked at him, I imagined using my handbag to hit him hard on his head, but of course I didn’t, I’m not that kind of girl, instead I said, once again heatedly “I’m a girl Gibson, it’s what we do, we take our time to get our stuff. So get used to it”, then I grabbed my handbag and phone from my head, walked straight by him, and out of my door.
As I walked in the hallway, I felt him walking directly behind me; I was quite pissed ‘cos I hated the fact that he has to be the one to take me to the market. I’m big enough to go by myself, but he just won’t listen. My god, he’s so stubborn.
As I got to the stairs, he came to walk beside me; so I decided I should ask what’s currently bothering me.
Going down the flight of stairs, I said.
“Why are you taking me to the market sef?” Sounding nasty.
Gibson replied not bothered by my nasty attitude, “I’m taking you to the market ‘cos I want to Ada, and Bello isn’t home to take you”
We were now in the middle of the stairs when I stopped to look at him and ask, “But I’ve been going to the market myself for over a year now, why now, why do you have to go with me now?”
At my question, Gibson regarded me carefully, and then he said, “Remember what happened to Fola, for weeks? “
I nodded my head, he continued,
“She couldn’t sleep well, we were all scared about what could happen next concerning her, no one was safe, not one person… do you remember?”
I nodded my head again, getting scared at his behavior
“Do you?” he asked again, quietly but firmly, like it was a threat.
I nodded once more, my chest beating really fast, At my answer, he continued.
“Well, if you do, then you’ll know why I’m being careful, only God knows the problem you’re in right now, and now that people know we are together, I have to be extra careful protecting you”
Then he continued down the stairs after that weird last statement.
I stood there dumbfounded, confused about what he said, what did he mean by the problem I’m in, I’m not in any trouble….and what people?, we aren’t together, God this dude is frustrating.
Gibson had gotten to the end of the stairs when my brain started to work again, so I walked down the remaining stairs stumping my feet at the bottom for some added effect.
I had to do that so he wouldn’t think his scary statement scared the living daylights out of me.
Gibson just stood by the entrance door not minding my behavior, I glared at him as I walked, he just chuckled, yes he chuckled, I have no idea what’s funny or what I’m going to do, my glare doesn’t work on him, in fact it doesn’t work on anyone. I just have to look for another way to get him off me, and I have to do it fast.

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