Episode 12
***fast forward***
I retuned back to school after spent 4 more days at home for the second semester of my 100 level. It is so pity that i could nt stay for long with monica and i didn’t have gut to notify her that I would be going to school soon. I just test a message to her that i will be going to school a day before my arival to school. I know it would pain her, but life moves on.
The school activities were still the same. Going to class and comeback. But the fun wouldn’t be completed without any chick. I couldn’t go back to uduak and Uju again. Their cases are closed already. I was eyeing a particular girl in the department of fishery, named; basheerat. She is from osun state. it is being 2 months I have wanted to close elizabeth case as well. She is Edo girl, but she normally proves stubborn. Until when I met basheerat.
i have never been a good person. Even though, God tests me from time to time. He never tortures me for too long…. But the day I slept with basherat is the day I asked myself; ‘haven’t I been swallowed by my own contrivance?’
Basheerat and I were just being normal girlfriend and boyfriend. She gave me chances. I do check her at home because she is living off school. Everytime i checked her, her roommate always dey around. that doesn’t allow us to have thing together. But, there was a day, i called to check her:

Me: helo babe mi… How you doing?

Basheerat: i dey OK. Hope you are good?

Me: of course. I dey near by….. Should we see?

Basheerat: I don’t think I would be able to make it. I am reading for coming exam…

Me: I don’t ask you to come either. Though, you always made me wonder why you can’t check me.

Basheerat: I just don’t have time for now…

Me: it is because I dey your neighborhood that is why i called.

Basheerat: ha! OK, you can come in then.

****To cut the long story**** That day, I made S£x with basheerat. But the sad aspect of making S£x with her is that she became another woman that made me fear woman and always afraid of having S£x with them. Initially, I never knew basheerat has what was always made her avoid us having intimacy together. That day, I used my method of achieving my goal and went through basheerat like a projectile without physical trace. While dipping my Di¢k inside her Pu$$ycat. It was hot more than a 100° boiling water point. I could not enjoy the S£x at all. The 5 minutes we spent together, it was hell. I even regretted it when i returned back home. My Di¢k skin started peeling as if it accidentally get injured and the top skin layer was removing like a snake which is changing the (colour)skin. It took me a month before I could be able to use my Di¢k to do normal thing I need to use it for. After many drugs have been go down the drain. Sometime, urinating with my Di¢k would be a problem, as I would be screaming like a wounded lion.

After 2 months, I started acting like a man again and run after other chicks. Issue between and Elizabeth is still on ground. I was stil puting an effort. I never fall in love with woman before like I did to her. I would like to just see her everyday. But, as if god was just looking at my frivolous and waiting for right time to deal with me. The lesson I learn from basheerat was not enough. I later learned the greatest with Elizabeth when I reach 400 level and dorchas who wants to suffocate me with her punany… But prior to 400 level. I learned a pieces of cakes lesson that should been made me desist from my bad acts when I was in both 200 and 300 level respectively. When I met a women called; omonike and Blessing. It was like as if God was pile up my tantrum and frivolous act towards ibidun and her innocent child and those ladies I was giving lessons.

***verily, the head that will suffer niii, if he sleeps. He will probably wake up and go where the surferness is waiting him*****

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