28 Salvation Road Episode 16
We were on our way back from church talking and joking about things we saw in the street when a call entered my phone , I checked it and it was from Femi , he said he was calling Mekus but his phone was not going through , I told him that we were in church, he then broke the bad news of his mum ’ s death , I was shocked, he said she died the previous night and that they just planned her burial for next weekend, we all cried and consoled him on the phone promising to be with him for the burial, he agreed before ending the call
When Noel broke the news of Femi ’ s mum , were both shocked because every time we called , Femi always told us that she was responding , how then did she go from responding to treatment to dying ? I could not understand, I could not explain but we all promised to be in ibadan for the burial after crying and consoling him on the phone , the mood in the house that sunday was very dull , everybody just stayed on their own until a text came into Chuks phone and Changed the mood . .
We were still mourning Femi ’ s mum when I got a text from the company I had an interview with , they had offered me employment , they said I should be in their office first thing the next morning for my employment letter, I informed the guys and we rejoiced together , they were really happy for me . I immediately went inside to get my only suite ready for the next day. I got out of the company the next day with mixed feeling, I was happy because I was finally employed plus the pay was really nice but I was sad because I was sent to their Warri office and I had to report their immediately meaning that I would not be able to attend Femi ’ s mum funeral after promising to be there . I got home and explained to the others my anger but they told me to just call Femi to tell him, I did as I was adviced and the guy was really happy telling me to go for the job , I was really happy after ending the call with femi, I packed my belongings that evening and very early the next morning, I was in a taxi driving me out of SALVATION ROAD
The End

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