Episode 32.
Maria was discharged from the hospital when she was in a stable condition. She recovered quickly. The day she went home, she saw one white woman sitting in the sitting room with her legs crossed as if she owned the house. She couldnt believe it, could her dad have replaced Alice so quickly.
She didnt want any woman and she swore she was going to kill her if really she was her father’s new girlfriend.
By the time she was to be discharged, her dad had been in Abuja for a conference meeting so her new driver and one of the new maids had escorted her home.
‘hi,’ the white woman said smiling ‘you must be Maria, i’ve heard alot about you’
‘and you are?’ Maria asked as the new maid went to drop her belongings in her room.
‘i’m Ximena Valdez, i’m a Mexican, its nice to meet you’ Ximena said stretching her hands forward for a handshake.
Maria eyed her ‘keep your hand, i dont shake strangers’
Ximena shrugged and brought her hand down.
‘now who you are miss Mexican?’ Maria asked.
‘i’m your father’s friend. To be honest, we dated in secondary school’ Ximena replied with a cool smile.
‘then what are you doing here? Or has my dad started harbouring ex girlfriends in this house?’
Ximena frowned a little before smiling again, she didnt like this girl one bit.
‘no. I’m here because i came to visit him’
‘for what?’ Maria threw back ‘why? For what reason, do you have a child for him?’
‘no, why are you talking to me like that?’
‘i want to understand the reason for your visit miss Mexican, tell me why you came to my father’s house and relaxing as if you own the house, like you built and furnished it’
‘your dad asked me to stay here’
‘why? Is he sleeping with you or what?’
Ximena stopped smiling, she didnt understand something about this girl.
‘i’m staying here because he asked me to’ she said.
‘and i asked you why? Is he sleeping with you?’
‘no, i’m not that cheap’
Maria studied her for few seconds, then grinned ‘you are beautiful sha but i dont allow girls come an inch close to my dad. You know why? Because he’s married, and married men arent supposed to touch other women right?’
‘your dad didnt marry Alice, did he?’
‘you knew Alice?’
‘yes, that murderer. I know her’
Maria kept quiet for some seconds ‘you know what miss Mexican, i want you to leave this place, leave this house immediately if you dont want trouble’
‘is that supposed to be a threat or what?’
‘its a threat’
‘well, sorry to say, you cant threaten me. I can see you are a little spoilt brat!’
‘and i can see you are a cheap s.lut!’
Ximena lost it and slapped her.
Maria was stunned for a few seconds, then she went to the bar, picked up a bottle, broke it on the wall and…….
To be continued.

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