Episode 6
So someone can be without having problem at times, imagine, No Cynthia, No Ronke, No Omolara, No Benita E.t.c, I was leaving my life, going to work and coming back, Daniella and I do talk every time, the girl love me die, and I also love her but her mum dey fear me.
Kola and I was inside one day we dey gist and the conversation goes thus:
Kola: guy me won settle down o,
Me: (on hearing this, I stopped pressing my phone) serious?
Kola: yes o, we dey go see her mum on Saturday, me and you
Me: no p na, me no kuku get anybody
Kola: you high, Daniella nko, that girl love you,
Me: I know, but what about her mum
Kola: guy beg her, tell her you will not reveal the secret between you na, or you find another lady, aye o pare na
Me: okay jare
Kola: hope this your new guy dey make sense like Ronke
Kola: he dey try o make I no lie
Kola: Cynthia nko
Me: you ge her number na
Kola: oga o, your wife atata,
Me: whose wife?
Kola: she sha don give you child atlast, the girl ge heart o, she didn’t want to go to that man’s house in vain, cus that man is not ready to give her belle again
Me: just dey help her reason, na the two of you sabi
My phone rang, and the call was from Mrs Rose, I was afraid of picking it, but kola tell me to pick it
Me: hello ma
Mrs Rose: can you meet me at this your Mr bigs.
Me: okay ma
I told kola about it
Kola: just be careful,
I left and went to meet her, she was on gown, her thigh was calling, she was only eating Ice cream she wave at me so as to see her, my hear dey shake, I went to meet her
Mrs Rose: what do you care for
Me: am okay ma
Mrs Rose: you better talk
Me: am okay ma

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