Episode 34…
Rahceal and some people that wanted to deal with shakiru thought this is probably the end of journey for shakiru but I wasn’t confuse at all, because I know how intelligent shakiru was. Some people that like shakiru seen the judgement as a fabrication and tried to ostracize racheal. Due to this reason, racheal had to leave our school to another school. And that was probably end of our seen between racheal and i. not until when I met racheal at uniBen after 4years and we became a loving doll again. I never even thought we would go this far cause, at first I never thought to meet racheal in virgin. But when I checked it, Lo and Behold, racheal that said snakie raped her was still intact after 4 years. When I asked her after the struggle of removing her virginity. She said’ Even though there was a struggle between them that day, but she never allow snakie to penetrate. She then said she was scared to say the truth to the lawyer again after she had already said snakie raped her and that prompted her father to frame the medical report that snakie truly did it.**** To cover up false accusation against racheal in court******
I was scared when I heard that from her mouth. And I felt bad that I sent the only friend I had who normally watched my back had been sent to a journey of no return.
But, that day I know snakie would eventually comeback for revenge one day. He was a town boy. One thing racheal failed to know is that you can take boy from village, but you can’t take village from the boy. A rouse boy will always remain a rouse boy. And now snakie is back for revenge. Who will stop him???
**********main story continues**************
Me:*****looking at snakie and racheal about to get fully naked, then felt bad***** murmuring; which kind ordeal be this?

Racheal:****crying profusely**** shakiru, I am deeply sorry. I was totally wrong. I admitted I have wrong you. I was so naïve then. I shouldn’t have done that, please find a place in your and forgive me this once. Free me just for this once. I was bad. I was clueless. I was wrong please forgive me. I am sorry!!! If you do this, I am ruined!!!

Snakie:****frown**** do you have any idea that you ruined me??? I could not finish my secondary education because of you. I could not go to university just because of you. I spent the half of my life in jail, all because of you. My family despises me, because I met you in the journey of my life. I am no useful to myself not to talk of my family, because you screwed me up. I cant walk in my neighbourhood just because you came to my life and destroyed me. “Tell me truly and wholeheartedly if you were no the first person that ruined me in the first place???

Me:****felt bed and fuilty**** murmuring: snakie was a friend. A best friend who would leave his own comfort zone to please others who are in uncomfortable zones. Why this happened between us???***I started crying again****

Racheal: ****crying profusely and begging**** I am bad I knew it. But, at least forgive me this once. Two wrong no make a right, snakie. You were good I knew it. It was late before I realized it. I am DEEPLY sorry snakie. Forgive the bad person as I am!!!
Snakie:***strong expression**** If saying sorry could undo the wrongdone, will be a law or police in this world??? You ruined me when you had chances to do so, and you didn’t think twice like a human who deserve to be treated right. Now this is my time to ruined you too.****press upload on his phone and the phone was started uploading the video on adult site, while the camera was coverage the scene***

Snakie picked scissors on the ground and start peeling the clothes off racheal’s body. He peeled the clothes finished and used the scissors to peel the brazier and pant off her and left her unclad in front of camera. I could not watch it, because I felt bad for racheal. He removes his own clothes to and they both remain unclad. He placed his di*k into her mouth and said “taste it gently baby”. When racheal was trying to reluctant, slap landed on her, after the words asap. A slap was not spare in her cheek. Every time she refused to do whatever he asked her to do, a slap would follow. Since racheal could nott defend any of these slaps, she had to succumb and begin to taste his di*k gently as the di*k is coming up to become fully erected. ***I was cheering her up to do it, because the slap was too much*** the more racheal was shocking his john thomus, the more snakie was producing awful noise: huuuuuuu, hoooooo, baby… Shock me baby… hooooooo, huuuuuuu, I can feel your tongue babyyy… do it faster… give it to me… baby!!! Racheal was putting her effort too because body not a fire wood. I guess, as she tasted the john thomus, she also as well done reached organism. Even though, she won’t want to do that in front of me, her body betrayed her. The only thing she is holding herself to do is screaming for S£xual pleasure. But I knew it only for a moment she could hold that too. After much effort in shocking, snakie decided to give it a final shot. He bent down and start robbing the cl*tor*c of racheal. By time snakie placed his mouth unto her punany, racheal let out the voice she was holding since and started screaming; haaaaaa, haaaaa, haaaaa, haaaaaa, and moving her body to jack in and out of the snakie tongue

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