One could start with laughter or cries this early morning ,because indeed in this family’s compound one will born,one will die,so some people will laugh and others definitely will cry.
Then should we start with hatred or love,broken with plastic-elastic bottles, this days; it’s beyond the scar of humanity.
Many young ladies of just 17 to 25 years of age had experienced a lot.
Some of these ladies that their hearts has been cut off still experiences heart break. This is Half of a Half….no smiling, no laughter, no nothing….nothing, boom, catastrophic???
Sade was picked one night down to KINGSLEY CRESCENT by a young man, she was drove by this young fellow down to a hotel and was fucked. Sade isn’t a prostitute nor an harlot but she must do this, why? She would never give chance for love in her heart.
Many at times we need to accept defeats, some of which are emotional, physical, academical, and spiritual defeats.
Does that mean the scenario of Sade is that ” All prostitutes engage into that business just because they can’t love again” chaii that a trash to Almighty.
Mr Greenland and his fiancée, Laurel, has been together for over a year and half, but recently Greenland had an automobile accident, what will be the result of Laurel? This is Half of a Half….Half of a broken heart !!!
Laurel at the airport coming back to Nigeria, she was an half cast.
Two months after her arrival she met Sade both ladies have experienced similar situation, they discussed about it through the first five week they met.
But before this time Sade has loved another man she has given all her trust to this Igbo man named Chibuzo. Now she has been loved and she also in return could love someone ……will they last or stay long in this relationship?
As time goes on life was interesting for both Sade and laurel but this particular Sunday something terrible happened. As Sade tends to open the entrance door to her room where she lives with Laurel her eyes couldn’t believe what she saw!
It was laurel under a familiar man on their bed…what! It’s Laurel and Chibuzo thoroughly kissing and thrusting into each other, then immediately she went down flat!
The End.
Adeosun .T. Michael
(Saint-holy Magislord)

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