Episode 7:we went to the new shoprite not to far from the major road I sat down while nancy went straight to the bar man to get some drinks and food She came back to our table then we engaged in another conversation
Nancy:so dan I still have questions to ask you

Me :you can ask me
Nancy:despite all this your story I never heard you talk about your girlfriend or is She not part of the story
Me:Lol!!”well I do have girlfriend but for now Am partialy single
Nancy:you mean your relationship is complicated
Me:Yeah something like that
Me:but I thing I have seen someone I can love
Nancy:really that person must be lucky
Me:hun what if that person should be you

Nancy:(acting surprised)you mean me
Me:Yes you Am Sincerely serious eversince I met you I just feel like seeing you all the time I haven’t figure this out maybe its love Or something else
Me:but I can’t decieve you today had made it clear I can spend the rest of my life with you

Nancy:hmmmmm I like your speech but How far do you trust me and you met me now is not up to a month
Me:Yes I havnt felt so inlove to this extend before and Am using this moment to let you know How I felt about you

***(phone ringing)
As nancywas about to say anything her phone began to ring see fuck up She took the phone and received the call

Nancy:Hello sir

Nancy:No sir intact sir
Nancy:Ok I will be there soon sir
Nancy:Ok sir
She stood up trying to leave

Me:nancy:what’s wrong are you leaving
Nancy:Yes I have to go now
Me:why is it emergency

Nancy:Yes Am sorry I have to go now
She stood as She walk out of my sight with her round ass and a moderate stature I looked at her and I gaze on her back side She is Making me go nutssss.I got out of shoprite then I also went Home I got into my bed and relax as I heard the sound of my phone I knew its whatsapp massage I looked at it as I saw sarah Massage She told me She will be here tomorrow and will spend some days Chai this is not the right time for her to be here at all What if nancy want to come to my house another day I must find something to do.

The Next day around 8:00am I took my phone to call sarah to know her where about
Me:Hello sarah

Sarah:hi daniel Am at the edge of your street will you pick me up

Me:really!!!Ok I Am on my way there

I got to her at the edge of the street I saw her dressed in a long gown with high hill shoes and a brownish bag and very dark long air She was sparking awesome as I saw her,my heart beats fast thinking about How I wanted to dispose such a beautiful girl like She is I went Close to her then we walk back to my house.
Now She was sitting on my chair trying to take off her shoes as I got up
Me:eh eh What can I get for you

Sarah:just get me mineral to chill my self Am feeling hot

Me:Ok on my way
I went out and bought the drink for her I opened it for her She started drinking it smoothly,I sat Close to her I was gazing on her body like I should rip her breast out and start sucking it but I never wanted to violate her I want her to be comfortable around my sex play
Sarah:why are you looking at me like that

Me:I just feel like giving you a kiss

Sarah:really lol

Me:Yeah I mean

Sarah:How many times have you kissed

Me:hun well its not up to ten times

Me:why do you ask

Sarah:well I can feel it you are dieing to touch me

Me:lol I Am truely dieing to do so

Sarah:now you have confessed to me
I got up sharply I got closer to her on the chair I knelt down in front of her as I touched her laps She didn’t make a move I drew her from the chair now we where standing,as I kissed her our lips locked together I was kissing her soft lips Sucking her lips She held my waist and drag my body closer to her body my dick was already for a free kick I could feel her viginal with my dick which my the kissing more sweet I was pressing her butt and She was rubbing her breast on my chest I began to unzip my trouser I was half naked with my boxers on my body She got a clear view of my small but cute dick She continued pressing on me very hard now I knew She is eager for sex.
She took my hand straight down to her virginal under her red gown and black pant I dip my middle finger into her virginal as She moan a little then I continued fingering her while standing her virginal was very tight while She was standing so She was moaning continuously I lay her flat on the bed I took her gown off her body I also took her black pant off then I saw the virginal clearly it was well shaved as I got on top of her She closef her eyes in sweet sensation She was enjoying the finger She stretch her hand to hold my dick She was stroking my dick up and down as I continued to finger her it got to a point where I saw that was dripping wet her had cum all over my hand.
Sarah:ahhhhhhhh shhhh!!! Ah fuck me pls ahhah hhhhahhhhh

Me:(sensational mood)

Sarah:hhhhahh hhaahhhh ahhhahhh !!! Oh ah ahhh uhnnmm um Hummm
I slot my dick into her virginal her voice got louder as I continued to fuck her She hold my head so firm She rap her legs on mu waist as She shouts.
Sarah:ahhhh ahhhh aaaaaahhhhh eahh!!!!ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
I fucked her for like ten more munites until I realeased inside her virginal I wanted to remove my dick but She pined me down so I wouldn’t remove my dick out so I cum into her.
I could see it all over her eyes that She enjoyed the sex so much we where still on bed romancing and kissing each other as She ask me.
Sarah:I have a question

Me: Ok ask

Sarah:What are your intentions for me

Me:as in I don’t understand you

Sarah:you know this relationship has last more than four years if I could remember and I really want you to be straight with me

Me:well I love you so much but let things be in other first I need to get an accurate job so for us to be comfortable together

Sarah: hmmm Ok that’s a Good idea but Am just eager to get married to you

Me:Lol ahhaahahah

Sarah: abi nah what’s so Funny
Me:I know you are eager to marry Same as me too I wish to mary you

Sarah: alright baby love you so much
Sge lock her mouth into mine as She continued kissing me again She hold my dick again started stroking it as She pushed me to lay flat on bed sge sat on my dick in a cow boy sex style this girl will be a fucking material ooo so sge was pretending before ooo Chai She wws fucking up and down as She continued moaning again giving a kiss fucking me romancing me touching my breast She fucked me until I cum again I lay flat on my bed ooo I was weak She got up.
Sarah:Lazyboy Lol

Me:ah ah I never know you are so Good at sex ooo

Sarah: Lol I Am not Good cos this is my first and second time to have sex and I watch bluefilms too so I learnt from there

Me:Chai bad girl

Sarah: Lol
It was around 6:14pm Since morning till Evening I never knew time has left us so far we fuck five times Chai Am hungry ooo tbc…

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