• May 2, 2017
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I was in a house, somewhere in the slums in Lagos state and the house was filthy, even a mad mans house is cleaner than this. My butt was on the floor, my mouth covered with a masking tape, my hands tied to my back with a rope, and that back of mine ,was to the wall, a bad wall if I must say ‘cause the paint was peeling off and it looked disgusting.
Right in front of me was a man, sitting on a chair with the back of it facing me. His hands was resting on the chair, his back curved forward, resting on it. He was studying me like I was an alien and he was amazed at how I looked. It was creepy.
“You’re mine now Ada, all mine” I blinked at him, he smiled a creepy, weird smile.
I gulped in fear at what he said, my heart beating really, really fast thinking to myself, I really shouldn’t have gone to the market alone. Gibson is going to be so pissed.

So let me tell you how I landed here.
8:15 am
Saturday morning and I’m on my way to the market, all by myself, can you imagine? I’m so excited. I have no one to be following me around like I’m the first lady, which is a huge relief, I can’t lie about that.
So anyway, I was heading towards the main entrance door, with my handbag hanging on my left shoulder, a big smile on my face, feeling so excited to not have Gibson breathing down my neck.
I had a great feeling that today was going to be a great day, a memorable one (how wrong I was). Well about it being great, it was definitely going to be memorable for sure.
I got to the entrance door and was about to open it when Nancy called my name, I immediately turned around to look at her, wondering why she was stopping me.
She got close, and the look on her face told me that whatever she was about to say was hard for her, or embarrassing.
“Nancy what’s up, are you ok?” I asked a bit concerned.
“Yeah I’m great, everything is fine, just that I need something” she replied, her voice still rough but clear, I guess that’s how it’s going to be from now on.
“You need something?” I asked
She nodded her head, meaning yes, then I waited for her to tell me what she needed. But she didn’t, so I prompted by asking,
“Well what is it?”
She was biting the side of her lower lip looking at me shyly, and then she finally spoke. And what she said took me off guard for a second, but I quickly got myself back. She said,
“I need sanitary towel”
I looked at her for a second, then I repeated what she said, “you need sanitary towel”
She nodded her head meaning yes, her eyes on me, waiting to see what I’ll do. What does she need sanitary towel for?
Then my eyes bugged out realizing what she was telling me, I totally forgot that she’s 13 years old, ‘cause her body is quite small for a girl her age.
So I smiled at her to let her know I understood her, “that’s awesome dear, you’ve started your period”
She smiled a relived smile and said, “Yes I have, it started not too long, I wasn’t sure at first but I remember Fola telling me about menstrual periods, so I knew I had started.”
I nodded at her, letting her know I understood her, then I opened my arms wide indicating that I wanted a hug from her, she quickly covered the distance between us to take my hug.
Then she said while hugging me “please you need to be fast, I don’t have any sanitary towel”
I nodded once more, her head underneath my chin and said, “of course dear, I’ll try my best to be fast”
She let go of me, looked at me and muttered a “thank you” and then she turned around and walked away, I watched her for a few seconds, then I turned around, opened the door and left for the market.
I probably shouldn’t have left the house unprotected.

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