It has become tradition for a very long time. a girl can bring Kittycat. But you naturally made during the time you running after Kittycat, but if you eventually bleep the Kittycat. Then, you automatically become regular customer.

I thought the first clean lady I ever saw was elizabeth….. But when I looked at elizabeth with one eye closed, it was only a luxurious package for school shark and hidden gangsters. Once I realized I was just being schoolboyish with a real, beating heart. I realized there are battles to fight and people to contend with. At 200 levels, i hoped that the punany that i will start to bleep for now will really be the real one… Unlike the story I had with uduak, Uju, basheerat. But, the encounter with school sharks which Man-t later delivered me from. Turn me to other being. ***at 400 levels, the first punany I saw… Was plain and pure though. But, at the place on that day, a guy called Jerry died, and I was reborn as “jerritomainia”.

At the Beginning of 200 levels, I no longer live in hostel again. The money provided by my uncle, is what I was using to paying for a room i rent since I decided not to go to Ibadan for a period of years. During the time I met omonike who is a student of university Ibadan. Who came to do her IT in my department? And blessing, who is a new girl in my department. Everytime I go to department, omonike just like to pick a cheek with me;


Omonike: good morning, mr jerry.


Me: morning omonike


Nike: every time you came here, you don’t normally bring anything to us. Don’t you think we are human being as well living here too..


Me: ****putting on a devil smile *** oh! I am sorry my lady.


Nike: no mention…. Just bring something the other time.


Me: OK ma!


***I left there that day****

But this habit continued just like this every time I saw omonike. Until I bare my bum to play along the line with her. ***cause, I knew that her foul does not know any, only its mother knows vulture****. Even though, I didn’t have regular girl that moment. Except Elizabeth who has not given-in. I then made it known to nike a day before i finish my registration with the department.


Nike:***bend down and do checking up over the files other student have submitted***


Me: miss omonike… Good day oooo..


Nike:***raising head up**** oh! Jerry. How far?


Me:***ha! Surprised, when did we moved to this level?*** smile, I dey oo… Just checking on you ni o.


Nike: what do you bring for me?


Me:**as expected*** actually i wanted to get something for you on my way coming. But I thought you might not around.


Nike:***feel depressed*** you should have got it and drop it for me if i no dey around nah.


Me:***were reee oo (this girl is crazy oo)*** it is not too late. I can still catch up.


****I reached my bag and brought out “a pack of big Hollandia milk”***


Me:***smilling*** I bought this for myself when I was coming. I don’t know if you taking it…?


Nike: what will you now take?


Me: never mind about that. I give you with all my heart…



Nike: ***surprised*** really???


Me: ***nooding*** yea!


Nike:***giggling*** oh! I am very grateful…


Me:***I quickly entered with my intro:**** i wish to get something better than this for you. I am not sure if you can be chanced?


Nike:***raised eye brown*** so, when?


Me: any time you are available?


Nike: what about this weekend?


Me:***as expected*** not bad.


Nike: how and where will that be?


Me: I will update you through your contact. Can I have it?


Nike: sure!!!


Me:***brought my phone out and dialed her contact info*** 08036??????


***I left scene with the feeling of happiness ***

Later, on the weekend, I lured her into my den and we had thing together***details of our S£x might or might not later come-up**** but the only thing that made me stay away from her is that her punany is so wide like that of shallowness of river Niger. I really could not touch the bottom of her Kittycat with my long rod, but ever dynamic thrusting, pumping, rimming, banging prowess. I was afraid to core. Ibidun case is quite difference to her own. She is a real wore. When I encounter omonike, I never thought I have mountain to climb. But when I final seen the type of person blessing is. I Realized and remember the words of Monica which stated that:


****”if the eyes do not go blind, the legs can’t miss the road….. truly, my legs have gone missing through a lady called “Ibidun”**** why?


Because I can’t remember the time I Fork a good Kittycat again. If she is not wide down there, her Kittycat would be smell or rather hot.


*****What my eyes later see with ladies, my mouth no feel talk am finish*******






*****************THE END********************



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