Episode 34.
Alice had been involved in a fight in his school that fateful monday morning, and so she had been suspended. She had gone home very early, at 9:30am.
She saw a strange car parked inside the compound, she wondered who the visitor inside was.
She knew her dad was away for a business trip in Abuja. So she entered the house. She didnt bother knocking, she just entered. And then she saw something, something very horrible.
Her mum was making out with another man! On the sofa!
The lovers didnt seem to notice her presence at all. The tv was showing a p–n movie.
The sight was so irritating she almost threw up.
That was when Kofo raised up her head to see Alice standing there. She immediately pushed the man on top of her away, then quickly reached for her wrapper and tied it around herself.
The man slowly dressed up and left the house as if nothing happened.
That night, Kofo had come to her room to try explaining things to her but she didnt listen and she vowed to tell her dad.
‘listen to me Alice, will you?’ Kofo said desperately.
‘i’m sorry i wont’
‘you dont know what happened, you dont understand what you saw!’
‘at least i saw you kissing another man, you want to tell me that i dont know the definition of kissing again?’
‘dont tell your dad anything because i swear, i will hate you for life if you do’
‘then hate me! Its non of my business’
‘and you are going to regret it. You are going to beg me to love you again’
‘daddy loves me. His love is enough for me. And he loves you too, i wonder why you had the guts to sleep with another man!’
‘do you know what your dad does in Abuja? Do you know?’
‘of course i know! He’s working his butts out just so he could give you a future!’
‘you know nothing!’
‘i know everything!’
‘do you even care to know the reason i slept with that man? Do you know?’
‘i dont want to know. And you know what mummy? I hate you. I hate you so much for betraying my dad. And i swear i’m going to tell him everything i saw. You were even watching p–n, God forbid! You are a disgrace to womanhood infact to motherhood!’
She saw the tears forming in her mother’s eyes but couldnt care less.
‘one day Alice, one day, you will become a mother and a wife and you will understand just what i’m passing through and you will know how it feels for your own child to call you a disgrace’
‘a disgrace, thats really what you and there would be no reason my child will call me a disgrace because i will never let any man touch me unless he’s my husband. I will give my virginity to my husband’
‘we will see about that’
And with that Kofo had left the room. In the days that followed, Alice noticed how withdrawn and miserable Kofo became. She hardly ate and she was emanciating.
That was when Angela was employed.
Then her mother fell ill and was admitted in the hospital. Then her father came back from Abuja.
She wanted to tell her dad everything but she wanted her mum to be hale and hearty first.
She couldnt help but also notice that her dad also looked withdrawn but then she thought it was because his wife was ill.
And then, when her mother was discharged, she planned to tell her dad during dinner. She just wanted her dad to know.
That morning, she had gone into their room and told Kofo that her game would be over tonight.
And despite the fact that Kofo pleaded with her and promised to change, she did tell her dad.
She had expected her dad to be mad, but instead he was calm. And the next thing he did really surprised her. He went on his knees in front of Kofo and vowed never to cheat on her again since she had made good her threat.
It was then she understood everything, her dad was cheating on her mum and her mum decided to reciprocate the gesture.
When her parents hugged, she felt like a fool. She hadnt listened to her mother’s explanation and had told her dad.
That marked the beginning of her mother’s hatred for her. She was very sorry and tried apologising but her mother never stopped calling her names at the slightest opportunity.
Her mother had said a time will come when she would need love from her and that time was now, but love was nowhere to be found

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