• May 5, 2017
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The whole house was upside down, my men were everywhere, looking at maps, calling people. All for trying to find Ada, we haven’t seen or heard from her in over six hours, she left the house around 9 in the morning, and since then she hasn’t come back.
I really hope she’s ok.
“Sir, we have a lead” said Ade one of my men.
I looked up from what I was concentrating on(which was Ada’s phone), right in front of me on Michael’s desk, I have this ‘cause we found her bag in the parking lot at the market where she went to do some shopping for the house.
It’s clear that she was taken, but by whom, and why?
Looking at Ade, I asked “what do you have?”
“Sir, we questioned some people in the market and they said they saw a lady that looked like her, but she didn’t look like she was being kidnapped. This is because as she walked a man was walking very close behind her, and one of his hands was around her waist while the other was tucked around his side.
I looked at him picturing what he was saying, immediately he was done speaking, I knew Ada was being forcefully, but quietly led away; he either had a knife to her or a gun. But since he didn’t have a car, then it was probably a gun.
“Did anyone know what the man looked like?” I asked
He shook his head saying, “No sir, none of them knew, they all claimed they didn’t see his face”
I expelled a deep frustrated breath at this, how in the world are we going to find her now?
As I sat there thinking of how I was going to find her, my phone rang, I picked it up to see a strange number, answering the call I said,
And the voice that replied is one I will forever cherish, it said, “Gibson, I think I’ve been kidnapped.
Ada”s sweet voice was the best thing to hear at that moment, I was so shocked to hear her but totally stoked at the same time. I jumped out of my seat and walked briskly out the office with Ade right behind me, saying into the phone.
“Where are you? Are you alright? Who is with you? How did you get this phone?”
By the way I didn’t wait for her to answer me, I just kept on firing questions at her as I walked down the hall. But I had to stop with the questions ‘cause of what I saw in front of me.
My mind was directed at getting to her quick and fast, I didn’t know the living room would be full of people carrying worried faces: Nancy, Stephen, Becky, Bello, Edgar and the maids, some sat while others stood.
I looked at them from where I stood in between the dining room and the living room, Becky always the one to be observant of her surroundings felt my presence, she looked at me from where she sat beside Nancy, who was looking scared out of her mind.
She saw the look on my face, understood it, and immediately got up, Nancy watched her as she walked towards me, her eyes concentrating on Becky.
Becky walked towards me, her eyes unmoving, just focused on me and said, “You’ve found her”
I didn’t say a word, just stared at her.
“Talk to me” she said, sounding impatient.
“I’m somewhere in Ajegunle” said Ada in my ears, my eyes moved from Becky to stare at the door unfocused, then I headed towards it.
“I’m on my way, don’t leave that place”, I said as I walked, but then I stopped in midstride ‘cause someone had grabbed me by my belt hook, I looked down to my waist to the finger holding me, then at the face of the owner of that finger. Becky not caring that she was holding my belt asked again and quite determined.
“Tell me it’s Ada please, tell me she’s ok” I couldn’t leave her this way but I didn’t, so I answered her.
“She’s fine Becky, I’m going to pick her up” then I looked at Bello and said, “come with me, I need you, ‘cos if I go alone, God knows what I’ll do If I get the person that took her”
Immediately, Bello moved from around the couch from where he stood, got to the door, opened it, and walked out.
Becky’s finger was still holding my belt hook, so I placed my hand on hers to gently pull ‘em off, she reluctantly let go, she looked scared and sad, this is not the Becky that I know.
“I’m going to bring her back home Becky, you know she’s my everything” she nodded her head at me, then I continued “I’m bringing her back” I said, firmly.
Becky nodded her head again then she stepped back.
I gave her a chin lift, then walked out of the house, determined to make whoever took Ada regret ever doing it.

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