i was busy thinking if i should go to corper zainab’s lodge or i should go to temmy’s house first, well temmy is my girlfriend so i will have to go and see her, what about corper zainab? let me just call her and tell her something happened to me, God forbid bad thing, i placed a call to corper zainab
me: hello
corper zainab: hello, tolu
me: am sorry, i won’t be able to come to your lodge today, my mum just arrived
corper zainab: okay no problem
me: thanks for understanding me
corper zainab: you’re welcome
me: okay, i’ll talk to you later
corper zainab: no problem

i hanged up, i was very happy within me, now i will have to proceed to temmy’s house, i placed a call to temmy,
me: hello love
temmy: hy baby, have been calling your number the whole day and you are not answering, it seems you are busy, hope no problem?
me: no problem, actually my phone was on silent, that’s why i didn’t know when you were calling
temmy: okay, aren’t you coming again?
me: am almost done, i will be there very soon
temmy: alright, i will be expecting you

i hunged up, i was very happy within me, i finally dismissed corper zainab, toyosi saw the way i was smiling, she then asked why i was happy, i told her that it’s just a normal thing, she really want to know while i was smiling, i just told her its nothing, i tooked my bath, i took a cab, and i went straight to temmy’s house, i got there i saw that stupid gateman,
gateman: bobo, you are here?
me: no na my spirit, open the door joor
gateman: aunty temmy no dey around ooo, she went out, i no go allow you f–k her that way again ooo
me: wa ogbeni, you dey mad? watin be your problem?
gateman: hennn dey go naw, commot from here naw
me: no problem

i took my phone, dialled temmy’s number,
me: hello temmy **i think am speaking with temmy**
voice: mtn number you are trying to call is currently switched off, please try again later..**hanged up**
me: hmmm, no problem

i walked away, i later dialled corper zainab’s number,
me: hello
corper zainab: tolu
me: are you at home?
corper zainab: no, i went to a friend’s place
me: ***chaii.. see me see wahala oo** ok*i hunged up*

i took a cab back to my house, i was furious, how could temmy do this to me? my phone ranged some minutes after, i checked the caller, it’s temmy, i ignored the call and later switched my phone off, i was very mad for what the gateman did to me, i promised myself to take revenge, i decided to go to the kitchen and drink a cup of water, i got to the kitchen, i was carried away with what i saw, guess now!! its toyosi, she was cooking, she wore a top and a bump short, she’s so sexy…
me: wow you’re looking good
toyosi: hmmm?
me: i said you are looking good
toyosi: wow, thank God you noticed that, and thanks for the compliment
me: u’re welcome, can i help you?
toyosi: no need
me: c’mon, i just want to help you
toyosi: well if you insist
me: thanks
toyosi: you shouldn’t be thanking me for that
me: ok

we cooked together, after cooking, she took two plates, one for me, the other plate for her, we got to the dinning table, we sat, she started eating, i was carried away by her beauty
toyosi: hey, stop starring at me
me: noooo, am not starring at you
toyosi: then what are you looking at?
me: **chaii, see me see question oo** i was just looking at mummy’s picture on the wall
**she looked back, she saw the picture** toyosi: liar
me: am not lieing
toyosi: yes you are not, **she snapped**

we continued eating, after eating, i went to the sitting room, she followed me, we both start next to each other
toyosi: tolu, do you have a girlfriend?
me: **i was shocked** yeees!! i do i have a girlfriend
toyosi: wow, she must be taking good care of you
me: yes
toyosi: hmmm!!
me: why hmm?
toyosi: nothing
me: okay
toyosi: why did you enter the house in rage the other time?
me: huh? hem.. i went to my girlfriend’s house, but the gateman insult me
toyosi: oh, sorry, didn’t she told the gateman about you?
me: the gateman knew me, i think they both planned it together, he just spoiled my day
toyosi: your day?
me: yes
toyosi: oh, what pained you most is that you are unable to sample your girlfriend
me: what?
toyosi: just kidding

we both laughed, i was surprised with the way we interract with each other that soon, i stood up, i went straight to my room, some minutes later i heard a knock on my door, i didn’t want to answer, i was so h—y, i need a girl right now, i said to myself, the person kept knocking, i reluctantly stood up, i opened the door, i saw her, she was standing right before me, i was flabbergasted.. chai.. omo see babe, she was wearing her transparent night gown, so sexy..
me: hey! what do you want?
toyosi: why looking at me?
me: am not looking at you, i was just asking you, what do you want?
toyosi: okay, i haven’t finished decorating my room, and i can’t sleep their like that
me: so?
toyosi: can i sleep in your room for tonight?
me: hell no!!
toyosi: please now

then she started laughing,
me: what is it?
i got no response, then i noticed that she was looking at my erected d–k, and i have only my boxer on me
i let her in, she slept in my room, **hmmmm!!**

its 6:00am in the morning, toyosi was still sleeping, so i decided to wake her up, i tapped her
me: toyosi, wake up
toyosi: oh, its morning already
me: yes
toyosi: oh!!, how i wish last night should not end
me: hmmm
toyosi: bad boy
me: why?
toyosi: nothing

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