Episode 7
Mrs Rose: so Daniel what is my crime, what did I do for you that you now decide to get back at me, you,ve slept with me, you now want to be sleeping with my daughter also,
Me: I love Daniella please, no one will know what happen between us please
Mrs Rose: don’t you have girlfriend before?
Me: she left me, please let me marry her please
Mrs Rose: (her voice change) you know am warning you, stay away from her, I am dangerous, stay away from her, stay away from her and our relationship will continue, if not.
Me:(I knelt down for her people around are looking at me) mummy please, for Christ sake
Mrs Rose: I have said my own, she walked out on me
I was embarrassed, I left the place reluctantly.
I forget about the scene, kola and I went to Juliet place, they gave us date to come with kola’s family, I am happy for him, cus Juliet’s family is rich, praying to God for my own also. Daniella stop calling me and I also stop calling her aswell, things are going on well for me, we went to kola’s place as they instructed us to come, we went to there place, they gave us date for introduction.
I was at home one day, relaxing when I heard a knock,
Me: who is that
Voice: Daniella
I open the door for her, she sat at the edge of the bed looking at me
Me: what do you want
Daniella: so you just abandon me like that, cus mummy said i shouldn’t date you
Me: yes, so what else will I be doing with you, besides you also stop calling me,
Daniella: I misplaced my phone, and ive been expecting you to come and check on me but you didn’t come, its unfair sha, it was even mum that describe this place for me
Me: I didn’t know, I though you’ve listen to your mum
Daniella: don’t disrespect my mum Daniel,
Me: sorry,
Daniella: anyway Dad is now at home, and he said you should come
Me: (I readjusted myself) what?
Daniella: Dad want to see you,
Me: when?
Daniella: now will be okay, or tomorrow
Me: tomorrow

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