Episode 35.
After smiling at the receptionist, he went straight to his hotel room, exhausted.
He was glad he was done with all the meetings and going back to Lagos to see his daughter was the next thing in mind.
Maria had been discharged, athough he wasnt around. He was glad she survived it. What would he had done if she had died.
Apart from Maria he had no one, except of course Ximena. That mexican lady had stuck to him like a chewing gum for sometime now.
She was all about getting back together with him. And getting him to sleep with her. But he wasnt interested.
Even most times when she came to his room totally naked, he didnt feel aroused. She had been flirting with his openly for a while.
Most times, she would sit opposite him, then open her legs wide enough for him to see, and she was mostly pantieless.
He was glad that finally Maria was back, at least she wont be able to openly flirt with him in the presence of his daughter.
Just as he dropped his briefcase on top of the bed, then proceeded to take of his shoes. His phone rang.
It was officer Ekaite.
‘…..good day Ekaite’
‘……what?! Didnt i mention that she should be always well fed?’
‘…….she’s crying my baby for crying out loud. If anything bad happens to her, i will hold you responsible’
‘……..where is she now?’
‘……is she alright? Has her mother visited her again?’
‘……make sure she is well attended to, i dont want anything bad to happen to my unborn child. Did they say anything concerning the baby?’
‘……Send me your account details. I will sending you enough money, i want her to be well fed and very comfortable. At least, until she delivers’
‘……thanks for the information. I really appreciate it. Bye’
He hung up.
He threw his phone back on the bed and sighed. Alice collapsed again. He wondered what on earth was wrong with Alice. The other day she fought with her mother forgetting she was pregnant.
And today, she had refused to eat and had collapsed. Doesnt she realise she was putting herself in danger?
Then he pinched himself, he wasnt the least concerned about her. He was concerned about his child. He wants his child to be healthy. Left for him, he wouldnt care if she fights everyone who comes her way or refuse to eat for years.
Infact, she deserved death. But for his baby.
He reached for his phone and looked at the screen saver. It was Alice’s smiling beautiful face looking at him with those beautiful brown eyes of her.
He shook his head.
He missed her, he couldnt deny that fact. And the fact that he had been able to stop himself from visiting her in the hospital everyday was by the grace of God.
Maria felt pity and guilt surge through her when she saw the sorry state of Alice. She was looking miserable, the once chuby Alice was now skinny and her eyes were dark.
There was no doubt that she was really suffering in that hell hole of a prison. Despite the fact that she was happy she was here, she couldnt help but feel sorry for.
Would she ever want to suffer like this? For nothing? When she was innocent? And pregnant? For the man she loves?
She didnt know if she made the right decision by telling her dad that it was Alice who shot her when it was Gilbert. She didnt know anymore.
This innocent woman was suffering for nothing. The place stung. She couldnt even dream of spending an hour locked up here not to talk of three weeks.
When Alice looked at her with those pitiful eyes of hers, she vowed to be nicer to her. At least, since she was locked up here, she would just try to be nice.
The pitiful look on Alice’s eyes soon turned to that of hatred.
‘what are you doing here?’ Alice asked angrily ‘go away, i dont want to see you, demon!’
Maria smiled a little ‘i brought you food’
‘i’d rather die of hunger than take anything from you. If you had the guts to lie that i was the one who shot you whereas i was not, then you can do anything. You can poison me’
‘i wont poison you, you are carrying my younger brother and sister in there’ Maria said so softly and politely, Alice almost laughed.
‘whats with the poiteness huh? I thought you were nothing but a rude spoily brat!’
Maria sighed ‘Alice, stop acting all bitchy. I am here for peace. I didnt come to see you. I’m here for my unborn sibling’
‘get out, get out now before i strangle you with my bare hands’
It was no threat, Maria could see it in her eyes.
‘Alice, maybe if you are nicer to me, i might just say the truth’
Alice moved towards her furiously, landed three slaps on her cheeks, pushed her to the ground and sat on top her, feeding her blows and slaps.
To be continued

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