Episode 36.
Alice watched as Tony ranted on and on about how stupid she was for laying a finger on Maria simply because she said the truth.
She smiled inwardly. Coward. Just saying irrevelant things.
She had a patch by the corner of her lips, all thanks to Ekaite. Ekaite, one day she was going to have a taste of her poison too. She didnt care if she was a policewoman or not. She would make she bites off one of her, she nippl.es one day. She didnt care about anything anymore. She just wanted to live the rest of her life being crazy.
‘i dont care if you are a fuc.king murderer or not, but the next time you lay a finger on my daughter again, i will kill you myself!’ Tony said pointing a warning finger at her.
She laughed ‘fuc.king? I didnt know you talk dirty Tony’
Tony eyed her ‘i am warning you Alice, Maria is all i’ve got, and i will kill you if you touch her again. You cant kill her Alice, even if you try for a hundredth time’
Stupid fool! She just felt like grabbing his collar and slapping the living daylight out of him.
‘i was paid back in my own coin wasnt i?’ she asked ‘didnt you ask Ekaitte to beat me mercilessly, do you see these scars on my face and arm?’ she showed the the bite mark on her left arm. She laughed ‘tell you brat of a daughter never to come here again. Because i will become the murderer that you are calling me’
Tony moved towards her aggressively ‘tramp! I can see that you are not remorseful about anything, and thats the more reason you are going to rot here. I will make sure of that’
Alice laughed again. She had been doing alot of that for a while now ‘i killed people. Killing you wont draw a single blood from my veins, you know’
She could see it in his eyes that he was scared. She saw the fearful look in his eyes and for a split second, she swore she saw the look of love in his eyes.
‘Alice, for god’s sake, please take care of yourself! Take care of our unborn child, if you keep getting into fights like this, you might harm yourself……i mean the child’
Alice looked at him, her face expressionless, he had caused her pains, she wanted to hurt him too. He wanted him to feel disappointed, to feel the pains she had felt and still feeling since she entered this hell hole for nothing.
‘Tony,’ her voice was too soft so she decided to laugh coldly so she could sound cold. She laughed ‘you are so naive, stupid and senseless. You are the dumbest person that can ever exist. I. Never. Loved. You. I used your brain. Why on earth would i fall in love with a coward like you nau? Rubbish! You be idiot. See, i needed your money and a job, so sensing how weak and fragile for a man, i stuck to you,’ she laughed again ‘so, i dated you. I hated your daughter. I wanted to kill her! And i shot my friend, oh yes, i wanted to kill Gilbert as well. And then, marry you, kill you and inherit your wealth, then leave this goddamn country. Maria was right, i was up to no good, and i hated you Tony. Your kind gestures only made me think of you as a proud fool. Just 40 for nothing. And so, when i noticed that the police were at my trail, i decided to come back and apologise, so incase they came, you could use your money to bail me out. But i was wrong, you are a fool! A big fool. I have no reason to pretend to love you again because i’m more than convinced you are very useless, just like your daughter .And this baby, isnt even yours!’ Alice said.
And Tony did something he hadnt done before in his life, he slapped a woman. He slapped Alice.
To be continued

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