Episode8:No matter How the case maybe your father will always be your father despite the fact I don’t too much like him I still continue thinking about him this has brought hole into my heart knowing that my father is in prison for some kind of illegal act which I still don’t understand why Or What he has done.
In this country called nigeria only the rich survive either locally or globally I kept on thinking on my fathers case How I could bring back his case but I had No clue where to start from.
I know for sure my father is hiding something from me but he wouldn’t Tell me this has really broke my heart right from the start.I was still on this tought when I heard the sound of my phone ringing
(Phone ringing)…
Leo:daniel it is time now there is a change of plan Forget about the first mission and just follow What ever I say

Me:Ok boss

Leo:Good tomorrow morning I will Send you a location where you will have to apprehend kastro nanja ceo of delphine company in nigeria so you have to meet him tomorrow

Me:What is my mission

Leo:just wait for my call (hangup)

I had No choice than to do this 20million at stake here even more could be in my hands I was on my way to get new dvd set
Nd Home theatre stuff as I was prizing it inside osere market someone touched me from behind I turned but I saw No one.
Someone touched me again I turned and look again to the shocking surprise I saw nancy standing infront of me it was Funny to me and somehow looks odd why is it that this girl is stuck with me.
Me:nancy!!! I met you here again What are you Doing here

Nancy:Lol its just coincidence I also came to buy some undies inside the market so I saw you

Me:hmm Ok oo so what’s up

Nancy:I bought it already I will Wait for you so we can go together

Me:Ok then
I prized the electronics I needed but they kept on giving chockslam.
The Home theatre is too expensive I couldn’t afford it so I bought dstv as Both of us walked out of the market
Me:nancy we disscus some issue the other day bit you didn’t reply me

Nancy:What was that

Me:nancy I believe if we are not meant to be together God wouldn’t have brought us together


Me:I felt inlove with you Since I set my eyes on you and I can’t just keep this to my self I want us to achieve something together

Nancy:hmmm daniel I like you but…

Me:but What again you want to spoil my mood

Nancy:hn No i drrrr

Me:what do you want to say talk to me pls

Nancy:well I want to Tell you something

Me:What is that


Nancy:that’s my phone

Nancy:Hello sir oh really No sir I Am still active sir sure No problem I can handle the situation

Nancy:don’t worry sir Ok will get there within the hour

Nancy:Ok Bye sir

Me:nancy what’s wrong

Nancy:my boss called me now he said its important he wants me in his office right away

Me:so are you leaving again

Nancy:Yes of course

Me:but What about our issue you wanted to Tell me something

Nancy:Later I have to go Bye I will call you.
What’s going on is this nancy even serious at all can I cope with this girl all She do is rush down to work She hardly have time for her self.
She likes me Yes that’s true but She is kinda toiling with my brain maybe She wants to see How angry I Am She maybe testing me.Am just kinda tired of abandoned conversation between us.
I need some answers.tbc…

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