(This story is rated 18, contains strong language & S£x issues, please ignore if you below 18+)
Episode 1
*******Why that all those girls wey den done pursued with “Tabbat-yadaa” (Suratul inside al-quran, means: annihilation of power) from a certain place, nah in my destiny dey use “qul hu-wallaahu” (Suratul inside al-quran, means: Allahu is one) take come my way!!! Why my life has to entangle with those girls that have used their original body finished; what that entangle signify, I am about to figure out. Those Ladies that wear the mask of beauty but more menacing in body and evil than ibidun of all thing.
Episode 1 continuation…..
*****within the entire encounter with the women I have met so far, after I left ibidun. Encounter with blessing made it my 5 badlucks of the year******
Blessing and I are from same department. There was no single day I saw blessing that omomike won’t be giving me trouble. Trouble like confronting me face to face while blessing might be with me. I didn’t know what i should do with her. It moves to a certain level where blessing admitted that I am dating omonike. Yet no piece of her love remains in my heart. I think that love has move to blessing who i could refer to as a new chick in my present world, except Elizabeth who yet to give in. I have been trying to end it with omonike quietly, not until she came to me when I sat with blessing. The reason I have to quit it with her is that she will soon finish with her IT training and return back to where she came from. Why she so fist in attitude is something i have to end by being the same:
***I sat under the tree and I was chatting with blessing and she came as usual***
Nike: hi jerry….
Me: ****feel bad*** hi
Nike: let see please?
Me: hope there is no problem?
Nike: not at all….
****blessing stood up and was about to go*****
Me:*****grabbing her hand**** are you ready to be going?
Nike:****frown at me****
Blessing: ***shrug*** i think i should be going.
Me:***facing blessing*** I think we came here together, why will you leave me behind??? ***turn to omonike**** can you please give me some minutes to round off things with her.
Nike: I don’t think I can provide such minutes.
Me: then, let see tomorrow eehn!!!
Nike: ****devastating**** it is because of her? ‘you are ignoring me’ right?
Blessing:****furious**** excuse me?
Me:***facing blessing** please, stay out of this…..
Nike:***take bad face look blessing***
Me***turn to Nike**** and you, why that you cannot talk unless it is vulgar?
Nike: what???
Me: yea, everytime you open your mouth, you nag. That habit is so annoy, please.
Nike:***feel depress*** are you taking her side?
Me: you made me. Put yourself into consideration, can you permit such habit from anyone?
Nike: fine… I now get what you are trying to do so far.
Me: whatever!!!
Nike: ***turn around and start going***
*****Blessing was just looking at the whole drama, later broke the silence:******
Blessing: what kind of affiliation do you have with this obnoxious girl, jerry?
Me: ***breathe out*** do you know why crazy woman put the flower on her air?
Blessing: …I don’t know. Why?
Me: she is showing it. In case people don’t know she is crazy.
Blessing: ***laughing**** hmmmmm…..
Me: I think you should understand that omonike issue is a stem of plantain which does not require something to bring cutlass to cut.
Blessing:*****smiling***** you and your this parable!!!!
That day, I knew blessing was very happy because the heaven was on her side. The drama both parties have been created and performed for a very long, eventually, ended in favour of her. But I can’t blame blessing, cause she came all the from Badagry. Had been a typical Yoruba girl Like, osun, Ibadan, Ogun, ondo, or Ilorin. She might have probably known or once heard of Baba Adedibu adage: which states that “Ibadan ràn è léru, o hùn dún nù, òtí mòn ìbì tìó sòòkà?”(Means: Ibadan helps you carry load, you dey happy, you know where he go put am?)

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