• May 12, 2017
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“Becky you should sit down” that was said by Stephen. But I didn’t move, I just kept standing there waiting for the door to open and for Ada to walk in.
“Becky” he called again.
But I kept standing not moving.
Then I felt strong hands hold me by my shoulders, then I was turned around and was led to the couch to sit beside Nancy, she immediately took my hands in hers once I was seated. We sat there silently as we waited for Ada to arrive.
God please let her be ok.

Gibson parked his Mercedes right in front of the house; I sat there with my head turned to the house looking at it. I can’t believe I’ve been gone for like the whole day. How did fola feel when she was taken for five days?
I was thinking about this when Gibson called me.
But I kept staring at the house, my head full of different thoughts, bad thoughts. Like never seeing my friends again, never living in this house again….never…seeing Gibson again.
I closed my eyes slowly at the last thought, my heart skipped a bit at the thought of not seeing Gibson again. But even if I like Gibson, I don’t think he’s the one for me, I don’t think he’s part of God’s plan for me.
So no matter how bad it hurts I have to let him go, I have to move on.
“Ada” Gibson called again; I turned my head towards him to see him looking very concerned. So I smiled a small smile to try and assure him that I’m fine. I thought it worked until he said.
“You can’t fool me, I know what you’re thinking, and it won’t happen, whoever took you, won’t take you again. I’ll make sure of it”
I kept staring at him; I didn’t move or say anything. Gibson looked at me hard, he was utterly serious, the last time I saw him look like this was when he and Michael were searching for Fola and Nancy, the time they were kidnapped by Tinu, Fola’s mother.
“Do you understand me Ada” he asked
I nodded my head slowly, then I looked down to my hands on laps.
I felt his finger on my chin; he lifted it up for me to look at him again then said.
“Ada, I promise you, I’ll do everything in my power to get that guy before he gets you, but you have to promise me one thing”
My brows squeezed in confusion, “promise him something?” I thought to myself.
He threaded on speaking to make me understand, “ you have to promise to always do what I tell you, if I tell you not to leave the house, don’t leave the house, if I tell you I’ll be going out with you whenever you need to go out, then you have to agree to that too”
Half way through this I was giving him the glare, I mean seriously he wants me to obey him…..obey him? Is he insane?
Gibson saw my look; he knew my look, so he tried to stop me but he couldn’t. He said my name as a warning but I was already opening my side of the door and I was out, angrily climbing up the short sets of steps to the entrance door, stomping my feet in the process.
“Ada!” yelled Gibson. I heard the car door open, and I knew he was catching up to me, but I didn’t care, I just kept on stomping away.
“Ada, seriously you need to listen to me, the only way I can help you is for you to do what I ask you to do” he was right behind me at this moment.
I whirled around facing him when he said this, still glaring at him, then I asked,
“So let’s say you tell me to jump inside the pool, I’m meant to do that right?” I asked sarcastically.
He answered as if it was a normal safe question, ignoring my sarcasm. Which I promise you it wasn’t a safe question.
“Yes, Ada you’re meant to jump inside the pool, if it means saving your life”
“Wrong answer Gibson, wrong answer” I said angrily, my voice rising, then I whirled back around, opened the door, and stomped in. I got to the living room and stopped in mid step to what I saw, asking…..
“Oh my god…. who died?”

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