Episode 37.
Ximena opened her room, looked around for the sight of the devil, and when she saw no one, she tiptoed to the kitchen, quietly took a glass cup, opened the freezer and poured a little quantity of water from a bottled water.
Then, after drinking it she dropped the glass cup quietly in the kitchen sink, then tiptoed back to her room, then locked the door.
That was how she had been living in Tony’s house after that very first encounter with Tony’s devil of a daughter. Her head still hurts from being stabbed with the bottle.
But the wound was healing, she still had a bandage around her head.
She wanted to report it to the police, but she had stayed in Nigeria before, even born here so she knew there was no way they were going to detain Maria for stabbing her with a bottle, so she let it pass.
But she tried to avoid Maria at all cost, her meal were always brought to her room, she didnt feel safe around Maria at all.
She wanted to go back to Mexico.
But what good would that be? She had come to Nigeria for Tony and it will be a shame to just pack her bags and go back to Mexico all because of one little pipsqueak. She wouldnt allow it to happen.
But her life was in danger.
She felt like getting revenge on Maria for stabbing her. And she was going to get revenge.
As if her thoughts invited her, she heard Maria’s voice at her door.
‘Mexican sl.ut, are you in there?’ her voice was full of mockery and hate ‘come out will you? Lets see some blonde Mexican sl.ut in the sitting room’
Ximena groaned, rubbish! If she thought she was going to leave this room and come out, then she was joking.
‘are you there?’ Maria’s voice came again ‘dead or alive?’
‘do you want me dead?’ Ximena didnt even know when she opened her mouth to speak. And she regretted.
Maria laughed ‘are you scared of me?’
Ximena didnt say a word again, and after Maria taked for a while, she left.
Maria didnt have her time now, she was going to see Gilbert. He had told her to come to his house.
Maria knocked and Gilbert opened the door almost immediately. Gilbert was on boxer shorts and white singlet, but that didnt make him look less charismatic.
‘my darling is here’ Gilbert said smiling as he circled his hands around her waist and pecked her.
That was what he always did whenever he saw her, and she was uncomfortable with it. She didnt like a guy holding her waist not to talk of pecking her but she didnt stop him. Ever since she had been discharged from the hospital, Gilbert had not stopped teling her how much he loved her.
She found it awkward, how could a grown up man claim to love a teenager? She didnt know.
‘where’s Abby?’ she asked as she settled on a couch.
‘gone out for lessons’ Gilbert said sitting close to her and placing his hand on her shoulders.
She shrugged uncomfortably, she didnt like being alone with Gilbert, he was getting dangerous by the minute. If she had known that Abby wouldnt be around, she wouldnt have come here.
She felt Gilbert looking at her with lustful eyes and she felt uncomfortable again. Then she felt his warm breath on her ears.
‘i feel like kissing you on the lips right now’ he whispered in her ears intentionally brushing his lips on her ear lobe.
Maria removed her face ‘uncle Gilbert, i……’
‘shhhh’ he said placing his index finger on her lips then lowered his lips on hers.
Maria couldnt explain how felt at that moment. It was magical!
She remained stiff as he ran his tongue on her lips, then forced it open and pushed his tongue inside.
She gasped.
He didnt stop there, before she knew it, his hands were fondling her br.easts through her cloth. She didnt know what was wrong with her but she couldnt stop him.
Then she closed her eyes and when she opened it again, she was stark naked, lying on the couch with him on top her.
And the next thing she felt was a sharp pain between her legs, he had penetrated her.
She tried pushing him off her an screamed, but he placed his lips on hers and held her hands strongly as he increased tempo.
The pain she felt at being disvirgined was terrible, she was crying and begging him to stop but he refused.
To be continued.

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