Throughout the night, ibidun was using a phone call to threaten me. And after several attempts, I gave it a second thought and decide to pick her call to know what does she up to:
Me:**** frown*** hello, what is it?
Ibidun: what do you mean what is? Why did you refuse to pick up my phone call?
Me: because I am no more interested…. And I am hanging up first.
Ibidun: wait… My sister wana talk to you
Me: for what?
Ibidun: I really don’t know….
Me: is it possible?
I wanted to hanging up the phone, but I thought it would be an embarrassment for her. Before I even say’ you can give it to her. I just heard:
Sister: hello, eka le oooo( mean: good evening oooo)
Me: eka le ma! (Good evening ma)
Sister: you don’t want to talk to me before right?
Me: not like that ma! I never thought she meant it.
Sister: I have been asking ibidun to bring you to me, but she said you were not around. Now that you are around I wonder why you decide not to come and visit me even though she told you that I want to see you.
Me: sorry about that ma! I have complicated issue for now ni ma. That is why i didn’t get the time to come over. I am sorry ma.
Sister: complicated issue? I hope that issue is not for the reason why I called you tonight?
Me: I don’t know what are you talking about ma?
Sister: do you know the condition ibidun is right now?
Me: I don’t know that ma……
Sister: you mean you don’t know the condition she is right now or you are trying to play smart with me?
Me: not at all ma!
Sister: do you know that you are liable for the pregnant she has?
Me: I am not sure ma!
Sister: pardon?
Me: I am sorry to say that…. It can’t be mine!
*****I was hearing the low tone as if she was talking to someone*** honey, can you hear what he is saying and the man replied her: is he denied it?******
Sister: look my dear, don’t force me to deal with you….
Me: for what ma? No law can punish innocent person until proven guilty.
Sister: are you threatening me?
Me: I should ask you that ma!
Ibidun: yea, as expected…. I have asked about you and met you just like I was told…. mind you; no one has ever talked to me the way you are talking to me.
Me:*****I was burning inside**** how i talked to you ma? Sorry ma. This is the way I do talk. I will urge you to please get use to it.
Sister: you have no manner….
Me: no ma… It is because I have no hypocrisy.
Sister: pretending to have one. And don’t continue with this act. Otherwise, If I get provoke, I will make you surfer.
Me: surfer??? Sorry madam. I am hanging up.
****When I said that I just heard someone talking on phone**
Man: **Low voice*** mister, do you know who you messing up with?
Me: no sir..,
Man: don’t mess with us. You will not want to see yourself after the whole issue.
Me: I am not sir.
Man: don’t provoke us. We have a sword with blade at the both sides. Weather it will cut or harm you. We are not sure of the either of the two.
Me: provoke? OK! Even though you can kill me, but you can’t make me to confess what is not mine. And stop threaten me sir. Living with a gangster has made me a half gangster too.
Man: I hope you will tell that again when we meet…..
*****He wants to begin ranting on me. Then, I quickly disconnect my phone, switch it off and slept off with a mixed feeling**** But when I woke up the following day, i thought, it was a joke. Rather, It is truly a story of hanker who shoot an arrow into air and cover the head with a mortal. But my father words which go thus; even if the sky falls something good can still turn in. Instead for me to surfer a great blow, then the comedy of two families living under the same room unfolds in disguise…..

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