The moment I saw Benita, I didn’t know what to expect from her. I could not imagine that Benita would still be a sister to elizabeth. How come? But Benita as a person supposes to be graduated since last year. What is she doing at school again? I asked myself.****
When she reached where we sat down;
Elizabeth: jerry meet my sister….
****As expected, Benita spoke first:****
Benita: Eli, where do you know jerry?
Elizabeth: he is a friend….
Benita: a friend? I think I am your sister right?
Elizabeth: yea…. Have you guys met before?
Benita: and if I advise you. You will take hold onto it abi?
Elizabeth: yea…..
Benita: good!!!!,
Elizabeth: ***looking at me And her sister face***
I was also expecting a kinda emotional moment that wants to turn to melodrama.
*** I quickly cut in:*****
Me: By the way, are we really friends seen each other for the first time in a year? I don’t expect tearful embrace, but couldn’t we at least shake hands Benita?
Benita: hands??? Ha, you funny… Elizabeth, jerry is not a type of person you should be moving with.., he is a devil. I hope he has not used his devil act on you?
Elizabeth: how do you mean?
Benita: I won’t say more than that to you. And you jerry, never in your life move with my sister again.
Elizabeth:***shouting**** jerry, what transpired between you and my sister?
Me: easy Elizabeth. Is not what you think… Please don’t shout…
Benita: what do you mean by nothing?
Elizabeth: I am talking to you jerry….
Me: we are, we are rrrrrr, friend!
Elizabeth: you should sound more genuine to calm me down…..
Benita: listen Elizabeth, he raped me. Hope he has nt raped you just like he raped me.
Elizabeth: whatttttt? Jerry….
Me: stop shouting Elizabeth…..
Elizabeth: You raped my sister Jerry?
Me: If you don’t have confidence to lower your voice, let go somewhere to talk…
Elizabeth: so that you can to Molest me too?
Me; ***surprised*** how do you mean?
Elizabeth: yes now! Just like you raped her….
Me: what do you mean by Molest?
Elizabeth: jerry, in this world, the people that know the truth don’t disappear because time past.
Benita: let go elizabeth…..
***they started going*****
Me: wait, I have no idea of what you are talking about… Benita. Eli, hear me out….
Elizabeth: ***shouting*** do yourself a favour and stop following us.
Me:***trying to calm her**** Elizabeth, it is probably not what you think…
Elizabeth: ****shouting*** I heard it from source. Can you please stop following us I said…
Benita: jerry, nothing must happen to my sister ooo….. Let go Elizabeth…..
Me: Why will you be talking like this??
***within a jiffy, her noise started attracting people*** I could nt move. I was so ashamed. Fortunately, that is when banjo, man-t and Niyi were coming. Immedately the saw elizabeth shout at me and accused me of molested her sister. They tried to shut Elizabeth’s mouth, but she kept on talking till she extended her provoking to man-t. She talked about how man-t had S£x with three difference friends as well….
Elizabeth: ****clapping hands**** birds of a feather flock together…… man-t abi wetin den dey call you. You have no right to calm me down. You too, your secret is opened like fowl yansh.
I don’t know what Elizabeth know about man-t, but the way she gave man-t and co, a deadly attack, and man-t kept quiet about it. I really can’t not say what to expect.
In order to protect our dignity, man-t, banjo, niyi and I have to find escape route. That day was totally a disastrous moment in the history of man-t and co and I in the school compound. I can’t go back to class again that day because of the issue. Cause, a lot of girls and guys that know both man-t and I eventually present in the melodrama.
***the following day at school*****
I could not believe my ears… Rumor travels far than any other thing is this world. I could not imagine such news could go viral to extent of hearing the hearsay in my department. As it became subject of discussion among my classmate that so called man-t and i raped a girl.
But the only thing I could not get over is how Elizabeth can go that far with man-t
Perhaps; when you are full of breath…, you need to exhale to live. Unless, you will die! I guess Elizabeth was full of breath. That is why she exhaled. I don’t know how she got such info and where, but I do believe, perhaps she saw man-t in action too. That is why she could not believe me all the while… Before her sister issue resurfaced.
***truly, you can’t cover up the universe with pair palms**** **** Mà sè, l’ògún má mòn******

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