A week after the incident, thing still remains the same. No girl to bleep again. Blessing free Kittycat gan wasn’t forthcoming, as well. May be she too afraid of what people might be saying if they see us together. As in, she is dating a rapist.
But as a person that has a very sound thinking faculty, i don’t think looking for woman ought to be that important with what eyes have seen so far. From ibidun aphrodisiac S£x maniac to Uju kò mòn kò, and raging from uduak smelled Kittycat to omonike Kittycat killer!!!…. Isn’t that enough?
May be it is in my nature. Even if God should provide a nice woman and I begin to bleep good Kittycat and suck warm bossom. Yet, I can’t stop myself wanting to get out on the street sometimes and have more, because it is just in my nature.
Three weeks later, people are still discussing about the matter… At that moment, i got to know that it is not easy getting over lost thing!
A feral guy like man-t and a perfect man like me, both of us become small in front of scandal created by Benita and elizabeth.
Yet, i do believe one thing that ****””In civil engineering work, we get to do explosive. But when we blow up (rock) thing with dynamite… The land sometime gets really shaken up. Then all the mice will hide away in their own holes. But before long, when they realize that the sky was not flipped upside down, all of the mice will crawl outside eventually. Why? *****Because they remember where they have to go to get food. That is typical example of those ladies avoiding me now for bleeping, such as blessing…” I have been in the school for years. I have gone through every hardship. Even when ladies die from bleeping, we guys were wooing…., even when the lady that almost finished schooling got raped and killed, I was right there, doing just fine. Why will I be swallowed by contrivance plotted by Benita and elizabeth. I don’t see reason****
To remove back taste in my mouth, I started moving with man-t crew, in order to let issue die down quickly…
Wetin man go do?
When the world doesn’t want to kneel before me, I have no choice than to make it kneel down. To do that, I need power and people. I have avoided crew ever since I have been in school. But thing was not as before. I made efforts to get here. I won’t let it wither away within the twinkle of my eyes. What’s wrong with that? Students rarely talk about such incident every time they see man-t, I, and the crew. They are badoos of the school. Who dare ‘gbè nán wò òjú Èkùn'( mean: who dare flash light on lion face)
3 days later, I was going to eatery. I saw Benita coming from kofo lodge. I got to know that she came for registration of her NYSC. That is why she is till at school spoiling names. She was socked and I went to approach her:
Me: good day Benny…..
Benita: what do you want?
Me: take it easy… We need to talk!
Benita: please don’t touch my sister….
Me: what do you mean?
Benita: you might have forgotten that you once said to me that living with gangsters has made you half gangster. Don’t touch her I beg you.
Me: why will I do something to her…? I can’t!
Benita: good!! What do you want?
Me: It took too long to bare my bum and come to ask for forgiveness. I didn’t know you took it to heart what transpired between you and me the other times. I just wana take this period to tell that i am happy for you that you eventually going for service….
Benita: how that takes concern you?
Me: stop talking like that. Do I need to consult psychiatrist to get rid of your habit of holding on to grudge for long?
Benita: whatever!!!!
Me: Don’t ever look back and only look ahead. Whenever you become weak remember what i did for you. Be strong and pay me back. That is the revenge you deserve.
Benita: OK! You welcome….
Me: but……!!!!!
Benita: what again?
Me: don’t take elizabeth away from me just like that!
Benita: she won’t listen to you. How possible you wan date both sisters? Please, stay away from her….
I left the scene. I tried to call elizabeth later in the day, but, she seems so stubborn and jus cutting the phone whenever hearing my voice even though I used many various numbers she doesn’t know in order to apologies. After many apologies attempted, she continued to be so annoy, then I gave up on her. But I was told how she always rants on man-t whenever they accidentally met on the road.
But one thing Elizabeth forgot is that, even if you swallow head of lion. Man-t crew is snakelings. As Yoruba common called: ***ikà lòmò éjò****

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