Episode 8
I went to Daniella’s place in the other day, I met the man at home, he was an old man, but the man is in his 60’s, no wonder his wife dey find my dick, mrs Rose sat next to him, she was looking at me with a bad look, Daniella also sat with them, I sat opposite them, I was scared, my heart was going up and down.
The man: how are you young man
Me: fine sir
The man: what is your name?
Me: Daniel sir
The man: I don’t even need to ask you much questions, my daughter has tell me much about you, what happen between you and my wife, abi why is she against it
Me: I don’t know sir, but help me beg her sir
The man: (he faced his wife) ngbo woman, forgive the boy
Mrs Rose: he did nothing, let them go ahead now
I smiled, but hide it, Daniella jump and embrace her mum
Daniella: thank you mum
I left the place, I gist Kola when I got home.
We did kola’s wedding after some month, the day was very fabulous, i was his best man, he went for his honey moon. I now occupy the house, cus he plan on going into his new house after the honey moon. The Love between Daniella and I was waxing stronger, I forgot my past, cus she love me dearly.
Daniella also helped me about my house, the house had been complete, only waiting for my wedding day to open the house just like Kola. Ronke do call sometimes, I do send some money to her at times, she even introduced her boyfriend to me on phone, the guy she met in school, but seriously I’ve missed the girl thing like mad.
Kola resume work after some month, but his wife had resign, he open a super market for his wife, I love their love life, I wish me and Daniella such a lovely life.
I was at home one day with my girlfriend, we were gisting about life.
Daniella: Daniel when are we having our own wedding
Me: very soon now,
Daniella: (she put her head on my chest) hummm, but I want it this year, I am tired of running the company on my own, I need your hand, I mean an helper
Me: don’t worry, very soon,
She cook for me, she’s not that good, but she try at least for her level, she left for her house. Kola do gist me about wedding, we are still very close, just that we no longer stay under the same roof, I do go to his place whenever I go to my site, I will branch there and eat. I do sample Ronke sometimes whenever she comes around, and also help me in shop as well, even though she have a boyfriend.
One Monday morning at work, after our normal work routine, during break time, something pop up between Kike and I and the conversation goes thus:
Me: kike mi
Kike: Daniel stop teasing me, don’t let my boyfriend catch you o
Me: (roll my chair to her sit) you mean you don get guy?
Kike: yes now, what do you expect, will be doing my wedding this year sef, what about you
Me: still searching,
Kike: hmmmm, maybe you are waiting for Cynthia home to break abi, so you can marry her, you kuku don smash the girl
Me: smash who?
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