• May 20, 2017
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So you’re telling me that, that idiot, that dimwit, imbecile…….”
I interrupted Becky by saying “you shouldn’t be insulting people like that”
But she looked at me like I was crazy “I shouldn’t, be what…..why shouldn’t I? He kidnapped you, and then tied your hands, taped your mouth, had a gun to your back….” She said heatedly.
“Yes I know” I replied, not willing to remember what happened to me a few hours ago. But she continued like I didn’t just speak.
“If I get my hands on him, I’m going to squeeze that tiny brain of his, mash it up into tiny pieces and feed it to the dogs”

“We don’t have any dog Becky” I said, thinking maybe she’s going loco
“Well, we’ll get one” she affirmed stubbornly.” Four, or maybe five, but Michael might probably want to start with one first”.
I sighed out loud; having nothing to say, then I looked at my hands on my laps and began to fiddle with them.
I felt Becky’s fingers on mine, I raised my eyes to her, she no longer looked vexed but instead she looked worried, “sugarplums are you alright?” she asked.
I felt my throat burn, and my eyes water, I couldn’t hold it any longer,
In a shaky breath and my voice filled with tears I said shakily, “I thought I was never going to see you guys again” silent tears falling down my cheeks.
“Oh sugar plum” she said, her voice filled with empathy, then she quickly and sweetly engulfed me in her warm embrace, holding me tight.
“There’s no way in this entire universe that Gibson wouldn’t have looked for you, you mean the world to him, you know that right?” she asked, still hugging me, I nodded my head, agreeing with her.
But still I needed to remind her I thought otherwise, “but you know if God wasn’t in this matter, I probably would have become that crazy guy’s wife in the next two weeks, or two days sef, with the way he was behaving. And no one would have known about it, none of you would have been able to find me” I said, still crying.
“Well that didn’t happen, so get it out of your head”
I didn’t get it out of my head, a picture of me in a tattered wedding dress, with my face all squeezed up in sadness and fear and me standing beside my kidnapper appeared in my head, making me hold Becky more and cry harder.
“Ada calm down, it’s alright, you’re safe” then she started to rub my back soothingly.
The tremors in my body began to subside, I took deep breaths to calm down, a few seconds later, I stopped crying. Becky let go of me, but she still held my hands.
She looked into my eyes and asked, “Feeling better now?”
I nodded my head, then I took another deep calming breath, getting myself together. She saw I was ok; this made her smile sweetly at me.
“Ok, so now we know you have a crazy person after you, a crazy person that’s on the loose and is after you, we have to be careful”
“Yeah we do” I answered, cleaning my tears away with the back of my hand.
“Maybe you should travel out, go to china”
I stopped cleaning my tears to look at her, she continued like what she just said wasn’t totally insane,
“Or maybe Germany, or an unknown island”—–then she suddenly clapped once making me jerk in surprise and said,
“oh!” she exclaimed excitedly. “ Maybe Gibson should buy you an island, that will be amazing, you’ll just stay there and eat and sleep and eat and sleep….”—– I interrupted her day dream ‘cause her eyes were starting to get dreamy, by saying,
“I don’t think I want to eat and sleep”
Her eyes that were focused on the ceiling imaging me in an ukown island away from civilization stared at me.
“Why?” was her crazy question.
“cause if I do that I’ll be fat within 2weeks” I replied, totally serious about my answer, cause I really will be fat.
“Bummer” was her reply.
I rolled my eyes.
“Plus I’ll miss you guys, and I’ll alone” I concluded.
She shrugged, understanding deduced on her crazy brain.
In the space of the silence, my tummy rumbled. Reminding me that I haven’t eaten for hours, I placed my hand on my tummy, looking at it, and then looking at her.
Her eyes were on my tummy, she then lifted those eyes to look at me.
“You need to eat” she said.
“I do” I replied.
She smiled, then suddenly got up saying, “Ok, sugar, Let’s go eat”. Then she grabbed me by my hand, pulled me from my bed and dragged me to the door, and took me to the kitchen, where I was fully fed with an amazing meal, prepared by my people. The best cooks in the world.

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